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This is the best pillow for a restful 2021

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Whether you sleep on your side or back, or prefer foam or down, there's a perfect pillow out there for you. Let's find it.

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Twitter temporarily suspends GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene

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Greene, who has supported President Trump's efforts to overturn the election, tweeted a slew of false claims about election fraud.

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The best products for sleeping in the winter: Heated blankets, lots of flannel and more

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These picks will turn your bed, and your room, into the coziest place to be when the weather drops.

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Gut microbes: a key to normal sleep

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Researchers used a cocktail of antibiotics to deplete gut microbes in mice. They found that metabolites in the gut differed in these mice compared with controls. In particular, metabolic pathways involved in making important neurotransmitters like serotonin were affected. Additionally, these mice showed abnormal day-night distribution in sleep/wake patterns, particularly the amount of REM sleep, and frequent transitions between REM and non-REM sleep episodes.

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Gene in mice controls food cravings, desire to exercise

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National Institutes of Health researchers have discovered a gene in mice that controls the craving for fatty and sugary foods and the desire to exercise. The gene, Prkar2a, is highly expressed in the habenula, a tiny brain region involved in responses to pain, stress, anxiety, sleep and reward. The findings could inform future research to prevent obesity and its accompanying risks for cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

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Older adults with COPD more likely to use synthetic cannabinoids

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Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a progressive lung disease that's often associated with a variety of health problems, including chronic muscle pain and insomnia. Psychoactive drug classes, like cannabinoids, are often prescribed to help reduce pain, promote sleep and decrease breathlessness. A study has found that older adults with COPD were twice as likely to use prescription synthetic oral cannabinoids compared to older adults without COPD, raising safety concerns.

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Can you really die from not sleeping?

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Short answer: It's complicated.

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Best mattress for side sleepers in 2021

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These mattresses for side sleepers will have you snoozing soundly and waking up pain free

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Sameura Canoe Terrace / TA+A + Wakuda Kosuke Architects + Sanai Architects

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A large roof that awakens the resources that sleep in the area. Most of the mountainous areas are mountains (sloping lands). A river flows between the mountains, and a settlement is formed on a small flat land between the river and the mountains. We have slightly modified the natural environment to acquire a new living environment that is one with nature. Lake Sameura, which symbolizes the Reihoku region, is like a water bottle that supports the lives of the Shikoku region, and the natural topography and dams are mixed together to form a magnificent lake surface environment.

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Three pillars of mental health: Good sleep, exercise, raw fruits and veggies

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Getting good quality sleep, exercising, and eating more raw fruits and vegetables predicts better mental health and well-being in young adults, a study has found.

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