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Scientists create submersible to reach the Titanic

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Thrill seekers and history lovers could soon get front row seats to the treasures and historical remains of the Titanic. The only catch? You’ll need $100,000. David Begnaud reports.


| What's Trump hiding in the climate report? That global warming’s effects are here | Ken Kimmell and Brenda Ekwurzel

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The administration tried to bury the assessment, but as residents flee wildfires and wade through flooded streets, let’s hope decision-makers get the message
Talk about cognitive dissonance. Just two days before 13 federal agencies released a report laying out the devastating human and economic toll that climate change already is taking in the United States, Donald Trump tweeted: “Whatever happened to global warming?” The tweet was based on a spurt of cold weather in the north-east, never mind that the rest of the world was experiencing higher than normal temperatures.
The administration was so concerned about what the report, called the National Climate Assessment (NCA), would reveal – including the fact that the president’s thinking on climate change is hopelessly flawed – that it chose to , hoping no one would pay attention. A member of Trump’s transition team, Steven Milloy, was candid about this strategy, saying: “Do it on a day when nobody cares, and hope it gets swept away by the next day’s news.” Fortunately for the Earth and its residents, news coverage about the report continued over the weekend and into the following week.
Ken Kimmell is the president of the Union of Concerned Scientists and the former commissioner of the Massachusetts Department of Environment. Brenda Ekwurzel is the director of climate science at the Union of Concerned Scientists

‘Scientists are now very sure that the babies really were gene-edited’

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He Jiankui has now presented his controversial work at a gene editing summit in Hong Kong. CRISPR expert Helen O’Neill of University College London was there

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Datawatch Enables DIY Data Science With Swarm 2.2Datawatch Enables DIY Data Science With Swarm 2.2

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NEW-PRODUCT NEWS: Who’d have thought that one day we would have self-service data science software available? The day of “citizen data scientists” may actually be here.


How complexity science can quickly detect climate record anomalies

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When making sense of the massive amount of information packed into an ice core, scientists face a forensic challenge: how best to separate the useful information from the corrupt. Tools from information theory, a branch of complexity science, can quickly flag which segments, in over a million data points, require further investigation.

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Scientists warn of slow progress towards United Nations biodiversity targets

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Researchers praises widespread commitment but call for broader participation to better protect global marine ecosystems.

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Scientists maximize the effectiveness of platinum in fuel cells

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Scientists have identified a new catalyst that uses only about a quarter as much platinum as current technology by maximizing the effectiveness of the available platinum.

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Scientists overhaul corn domestication story with multidisciplinary analysis

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Scientists are revising the history of one of the world's most important crops. Drawing on genetic and archaeological evidence, researchers have found that a predecessor of today's corn plants still bearing many features of its wild ancestor was likely brought to South America from Mexico more than 6,500 years ago. Farmers in Mexico and the southwestern Amazon continued to improve the crop over thousands of years until it was fully domesticated in each region.

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New Electronic Pill Can Communicate Wirelessly

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A research team led by MIT scientists has developed an ingestible capsule that can be controlled using Bluetooth, a widely adopted wireless protocol. Manufactured using 3D-printing technology, the capsule could be deployed to deliver drugs to treat a variety of diseases. It could also be designed to sense infections, allergic reactions, or other events, and [...]


Why bees of the future may wear tiny backpacks

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Scientists are turning the bugs into living drones for collecting vital information about the environment.

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