Thursday, 21 February 2019
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Carbon dioxide in our atmosphere may soar to levels not seen in 56 million years

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Emissions of carbon dioxide - the greenhouse gas most responsible for global warming - could soar to levels not seen in 56 million years, scientists warned.


Hurricanes create natural climate change labs in Puerto Rico

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The hurricanes that pounded Puerto Rico in 2017, blasting away most of its forest cover, may give scientists clues to how the world will respond to climate change and increasingly severe weather.

A Small Brown Rat Became The First Mammal Made Extinct Due To Climate Change

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The Australian government officially recognized the extinction of the Bramble Cay melomys on Monday, marking the first official extinction caused by human-induced climate change, according to Bloomberg. The small rodent lives on a small sand island in the Torres Strait, which is near the coast of Papua New Guinea, but the species has not been seen since 2009. Some scientists said while there was a chance a similar or identical species could be discovered on the island, they were uncertain since the nearby Key River region has been thoroughly documented and researched. The Australian government's decision to list the species as extinct after the state government of Queensland already made the...

Gene therapy durably reverses congenital deafness in mice

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Scientists have managed to restore hearing in an adult mouse model of DFNB9 deafness -- a hearing disorder that represents one of the most frequent cases of congenital genetic deafness. Individuals with DFNB9 deafness are profoundly deaf as they are deficient in the gene coding for otoferlin, a protein which is essential for transmitting sound information at the auditory sensory cell synapses.


Plants: How cell walls are assembled

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Plant researchers are providing new insights into basic cell division in plants. The scientists have succeeded in understanding how processes are coordinated that are pivotal in properly separating daughter cells during cell division. They describe the tasks of certain membrane building blocks and how plants are impacted when these building blocks are disrupted.


Scientists solve mystery of a fish called Mary's 'virgin' birth

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A female stickleback fish, nick-named 'Mary,' has produced offspring from eggs that appear to have been fertilized while they were still inside her, according to scientists.


Plants can skip the middlemen to directly recognize disease-causing fungi

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Scientists have revealed that direct physical associations between plant immune proteins and fungal molecules are widespread during attempted infection. The authors' findings run counter to current thinking and may have important implications for engineering disease resistance in crop species.


Plants short-cut evolution by taking genes from neighbors

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Scientists have discovered that grasses are able to short cut evolution by taking genes from their neighbors.


New clue in curious case of cassowary casque

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A team of Australian scientists has completed research that could help solve a 200-year-old mystery surrounding an iconic Australian bird.


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