Thursday, 22 March 2018
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Is Xbox Game Pass a Game Changer, and Where Does PlayStation Go With PS Now

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This weeks episode of, The Trophy Room: A PlayStation Podcast, host Joseph and special guest Foxes, talk Microsoft Game Pass, is it a game changer? Should PlayStation recreate PS Now in order to compete with Gamepass? Ubisoft beats back Vivendi, what it means for the industry at large. What PlayStation title would make a great video game movie? God of War's first reactions, shows Sony's trust with Santa Monica. What ever happened to the hype surrounding PUBG, and some of the gang's Toys R Us memories.


God of War PS4 Photo Mode confirmed - but only if Cory Barlog can do something "really cool"

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Sony Santa Monica has done fantastic work with God of War, especially on PS4 Pro. And according to Creative Director Cory Barlog, the game is coming with a photo mode, eventually.


God of War: First Hands-on Report | PlayStation Blog

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PS Blog: "We got extensive hands-on time with Santa Monica Studio's bold re-imagining of the classic series, and now we know that the new God of War plays as good as it looks."


Hands-On with God of War - Can we Suspend this Much Disbelief? | AusGamers

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AusGamers has played the first few hours of God of War in a preview session for the game recently and goes in-depth on a number of structural gameplay systems Santa Monica Studios has employed this time around. Citing more RPG depth, new level-design featuring a lot of hidden areas to explore, as well as looking at how this God of War truly differs from previous entries. They also explore some design and character/combat inconsistencies with quotes from an interview they did with SMS's Aaron Kaufman.


Five Big Surprises From Our Hands-On Time With God Of War | Game Informer

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GI: "We played the first three hours of Sony Santa Monica's upcoming game, which threads the needle between familiarity and innovation."


God of War Interview with Aaron Kaufman

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We sat down with Santa Monica Studios' Aaron Kaufman, and talk God of War!


God of War is PS4's next big tech showcase

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John Linneman: "A studio with a remarkable heritage for technical excellence, Sony Santa Monica is closing in on completion of its latest God of War and this past week, we've finally had the opportunity to see more of the game in action via PlayStation 4 Pro's pristine 4K video output. Right away, it's clear that what's on display here is extremely promising. God of War should comfortably stand alongside the likes of Uncharted 4 and Horizon: Zero Dawn when it comes to the quality of its technology."


God of War Preview [WorthPlaying]

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The team at Sony Santa Monica has rethought and reworked the core gameplay systems, with combat that is more deliberate and tactical, and a world that is more open for exploration than prior installments.


God of War's First Unedited Gameplay Footage Dazzles on PS4

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Weve had to wait a long time to see uninterrupted, unedited gameplay of Sony Santa Monicas new God of War but it looks like its been worth the wait. With a round of previews set to be posted imminently, b-roll footage of the forthcoming blockbuster has hit the web early.



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