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Dust deposits give new insights into the history of the Sahara

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Remote Saharan dust influences Earth's radiation budget and tropical North Atlantic ocean-atmosphere temperature variability that might even attenuate Hurricane activity. In a new research study an international team of geoscientists reconstructed the history of Saharan dust storms during the last 12,000 years. The researchers identified several millennial-scale phases of enhanced Saharan dust supplies during the transition of the former 'green Sahara' to the present-day hyper-arid desert.

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Sahrawis sentenced to jail over Western Sahara killings

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Court sentences 23 civilians for 2010 Western Sahara clashes in retrial boycotted by defendants over fairness concerns

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Why It's So Hard To Stop The World's Looming Famines

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Millions of people in Yemen and sub-Saharan Africa are facing food shortages and severe malnutrition. Host Audie Cornish talks with Justin Forsyth of UNICEF about the crisis.


Lomography Diana F+ Sahara Deluxe Kit for $90 + free shipping

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Spring offers the Lomography Diana F+ Sahara Deluxe Kit for $89.50 with free shipping. That's the lowest price we could find by $75. It includes the Diana F+ Sahara Camera, leather cases for both the camera and flash, and Diana Sahara book. The camera uses 120 film and features a removable 75mm lens, two shutter speeds, 12- and 16-shot modes, endless panorama mode, and multiple exposure options.

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Getting to the roots of Sahara mustard invasion in the American Southwest

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Old World Sahara mustard is spreading rapidly through southwestern US deserts, smothering the native wildflowers that draw tourists to the region and disrupting the desert ecosystem. A new study is investigating when the invasion originated and what enabled Sahara mustard to adapt so successfully, to gain insight into how to stop it.

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Strengthening of West African Monsoon during Green Sahara period may have affected El Niño Southern Oscillation

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Accounting for a vegetated and less dusty Sahara reduces the variability of El Niño during the Mid-Holocene to closer to that which is observed in several paleoclimate records.

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Unlocking the secrets of the Sahara

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A peat bog in Romania provides a new insight into our knowledge of when the Sahara began to transform from grassland into the desert we know today, and the impact this had on dust deposition within Eastern Europe.

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