Friday, 19 January 2018
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What The Hell Is Nintendo Labo?

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Nintendo just recently introduced a new way to play Nintendo Switch and it's called Nintendo Labo. read about the latest accessory here.


The Deer God Review - Dear God | Switch Era

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Omar from writes: "I really wanted to like The Deer God, but with its combination of death traps and ineffective mating system I just couldnt bring myself to enjoy it. The Deer God tells the story of a hunter who gets killed by a wolf. Upon reaching the afterlife he is greeted by the Deer God and reincarnated and given the opportunity to atone for his crime of being a hunter."

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Night In The Woods on Switch Has Awesome Potential

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Keenan McCall writes: "This opens up a whole new world of possibilities for ways to play the game. Need to kill time when your ride doesnt show? Guide Mae home from her own transportation miscommunication. Want to delve into your own towns spooky happenings? Take your switch with you and share its clever writing with the deranged cultists and ethereal beings!"

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Nintendo Labo Has Me Clamoring for Switch VR

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With yesterday's announcement of Nintendo Labo, it has Game Revolution really wanting total integration of it with a Switch VR headset.

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Brawlout Review - Analog Stick Gaming

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"While fans wait patiently for a Smash Bros title to hit the almost year old Nintendo Switch, Angry Mob Games have in the meanwhile created Brawlout, a title that may look the part and possibly get you a bit of a Smash Bros fix, but it sadly falls short of replicating what truly made the Smash series shine. Brawlout is very much inspired by the Nintendo fighter, but its heavy focus on grind-based unlocks and lack of in-depth features make it a title that is hard to recommend, despite the short bursts of fun you can have with it." - Jeff Young. Analog Stick Gaming


The Shovelware Problem On Switch Is A Symptom Of The Systems Success

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No one can deny that the Switch has been a success. This success has brought with it problems though. Like the Wii, Switch is starting to see an influx of shovelware joining its game library. While this can be deeply frustrating, this is just a product of the systems success.


New mechanism for battling influenza discovered

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Just as flu season swings into full gear, researchers have uncovered a previously unknown mechanism by which the human immune system tries to battle the influenza A virus. The discovery sheds new light on how the virus -- which kills 12,000 to 56,000 people in the United States annually -- often wins, and it could ultimately lead to new treatments.

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Switch on, switch off

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As cars become more automated, some experts worry that we are becoming complacent drivers.


Amazon January AAA Game Sale: Up To 67% Off

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Amazon is offering up to 67% on several AAA titles across multiple platforms, including PS4, Xbox One, Switch and more, so take a look at the below deals to see what they have going on to save yourself up to 67% off right now.


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