Sunday, 27 May 2018
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Cedar Summit Barrington Cedar Wooden Swing Set - $749.00

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This Cedar Summit Barrington Cedar Wooden Swing Set includes Upper Clubhouse with screen printed chalk wall on reinforced vinyl, 3 premium windows wit ...

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Switch deals - SteamWorld series, Bleed, Aqua Kitty UDX, Sine More EX, This is the Police, more

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A new wave of deals were added to the North American Switch eShop today.

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Pirate Pop Plus for Switch launches May 31

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The Switch version of Pirate Pop Plus will launch via the Nintendo eShop on May 31, developer 13AM Games announced.

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Black and white isn't so simple after all - Ikaruga [Video Chums]

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"Treasure's most popular shoot 'em up has seen a console release for every one of the past three generations. Now that it's available for Nintendo Switch, let's see if it holds up more than 15 years after its debut." - A.J.


Top 12 3D Platform Games On PS4, Xbox One, Or Switch

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An updated ranked list featuring the best 3D Platform games released On PS4, Xbox One Or Nintendo Switch so far.


Backyard Discovery Grand Escape Swing Set - $1999.00

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This Backyard Discovery Grand Escape Swing Set features icnic table with bench, an easy-to-climb wooden step ladder and sandbox. ...

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Dusty rainfall records reveal new understanding of Earth's long-term climate

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Ancient rainfall records stretching 550,000 years into the past may upend scientists' understanding of what controls the Asian summer monsoon and other aspects of the Earth's long-term climate. Milankovitch theory says solar heating of the northernmost part of the globe drives the world's climate swings between ice ages and warmer periods. The new work turns Milankovitch in its head by suggesting climate is driven by differential heating of the Earth's tropical and subtropical regions.

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Review: Runner3 | Link-Cable

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Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "For such a relatively small series the BIT.TRIP saga has always felt larger than life to me. From its humble beginnings back on the WiiWare service to its highly anticipated current iterations, practically everything this series does gets me really excited. So after following the long development cycle that Runner3 went through attentively and closely my hype was through the roof and I was counting down the days for the game to finally be in my hands. So when it got here I promptly tore open the package and slid the game card into the Switch and well have you ever watched the FOX classic King of the Hill? You know that episode where Hank gets to meet George Bush? Well thats exactly how I felt playing through Runner3. Surprise, then disappointment."


Cyberpunk Horror Game Sense Coming to PS4 and PS Vita; Nintendo Switch Stretch Goal Is Close

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The 2.5D cyberpunk horror game Sense - : A Cyberpunk Ghost Story is coming to console thanks to the achievement of a stretch goal on Kickstarter.

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Review: Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory | Link-Cable

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Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "...for me I have to say that I felt that the game was let down mostly by the hardware of the PS Vita which resulted in a slow to load, hard to read and overall buggy experience that sucked all the fun out of a mostly enjoyable game. Well now both titles are available as a single release on the Nintendo Switch, a system that is both a home console and handheld which of course leads us all to ask will this release be as fun and well put together as the PS4 version or will it suffer from the Vitas pitfalls?"

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