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Palestinians wary as U.N. may not open schools in time

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The United Nations agency dealing with Palestinian refugees may not be able to open schools for half a million children because it has run out of money since the United States cut its funding, U.N. officials say.

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| 'It can’t get much hotter ... can it?' How heat became a national US problem

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Heat now kills more Americans than floods, hurricanes or other natural disasters – but cities are facing it almost entirely alone
On yet another day of roasting heat in Phoenix, elderly and homeless people scurry between shards of shade in search of respite at the Marcos De Niza Senior Center. Along with several dozen other institutions in the city, it has been set up as a cooling centre: a free public refuge, with air conditioning, chilled bottled water, boardgames and books. Last summer a record 155 people died in Phoenix from excess heat, and the city is straining to avoid a repeat.
James Sanders, an 83-year-old who goes by King, has lived in the city for 60 years and considers himself acclimatised to the baking south Arizona sun. “It does seem hotter than it used to be, though,” he says as he picks at his lunch, the temperature having climbed to 42C (107F) outside. “Maybe it’s my age. Maybe the wind isn’t blowing. It can’t get much hotter than this though. Can it?”
There's a point where the human body can’t cool itself, which means you are either in an air-conditioned space or you're having serious health problems
We encounter this feeling … that perhaps once you’ve acclimated to the weather, you’re no longer as vulnerable. Obviously, that’s not true

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'The sky doesn't fall in': refugees integrate well in Australia, survey finds

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A new study from Australian researchers shows that refugees and new immigrants integrate well in Australia – especially in regional areas. Contrary to recent comments from the multicultural affairs minister, Alan Tudge, that migrants who reside together “largely communicate in their mother tongue [and] are slower integrating”, the research found that refugees were welcomed by their new communities, found it “easy” to get along, and felt a strong sense of belonging to their new homes. Researchers surveyed 214 refugees – 155 adults and 59 children – from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, who all had been recently settled in...

The details of life in a refugee camp

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Photographer Tommy Trenchard captures small details that reflect the lives of refugees who have fled South Sudan.

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Casa R / Felipe Lagos

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Casa R is a holiday refuge for extreme climates located halfway up the Andes mountain, specifically at the town of , VII Southern Region of Chile. The main nearby attractions are the Pehuenche Border Crossing Trail, the Maule Lagoon, the Colb&uón Lake and a series of nature reserves and national parks. The land is a pronounced ravine which limits, on the north with Corel River, and on the east with the mountains. Another virtue of the area is that the place does not have close neighbors, and the land has a series of trails for trekking and outdoor sports.

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Ecuador Declares State of Emergency Over Venezuelan Refugees At The Border

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Ecuador declared a state of emergency for three northern states due to nearly 4,000 Venezuelans crossing the border each day this week to flee the ongoing crisis in their home country, according to Al Jazeera. The latest influx of migrants has overwhelmed the Ecuadorean-Colombian border in the Andean mountains after fears of border closures due to the recent alleged drone assassination attempt on Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro while others were concerned the newly inaugurated Colombian President Ivan Duque may also crack down on the migrants crossing the border. The Venezuelans are fleeing for a number of reasons as the OPEC-nation struggles with hyperinflation which has led to...

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Video: Germany lifts ban on refugee family reunions

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Germany on Wednesday resumed family reunifications for some refugees, drawing ire from leftist groups who said a cap of 1,000 people a month was too little and a far-right party opposed to immigration altogether.

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Right-wing tech platforms provide refuge to Alex Jones

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The removal of Jones was just the biggest and latest in a long series of bans that have pushed extremists into lesser-traveled corners of the internet.

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Death Road To Canada Review (TSA)

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TSA writes: "The backstory of Death Road to Canada relies upon you accepting a situation in which hordes of evacuees from the US race to the Canadian border to escape the results of some foolish experiment or disaster. So, its surprisingly topical all things considered. Heavily inspired by the classic educational title, The Oregon Trail, you must guide a small group of mismatched refugees from a zombie apocalypse, braving both randomly generated ailments and the dungeon exploring scavenging runs necessary to ensure your survival. While this results in yet another rogue-lite, fortunately in this case the setting and the games influences are perfectly matched to the form."

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On Colombia visit, Haley blames Maduro for Venezuela’s ruin

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U.S. ambassador to U.N. announces $9 million aid to refugees and migrants

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