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Models give synthetic biologists a head start

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Researchers have developed mathematical models to predict the performance of multi-input synthetic biological circuits that can be used to engineer bacteria and other organisms to regulate cellular systems or perform functions they wouldn't in nature. Applications include biological sensing, chemical production and therapeutics such as probiotics to alter gut bacteria.

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Scientists create atomic glue gun to build better nucleic acid therapeutics

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Scientists have created a powerful new tool for precisely controlling the 3-D architecture -- also called stereochemistry -- of linkages known as thiophosphates, found in some promising new drugs that target genetic molecules and other disease targets.

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Broncos ink A.J. Johnson following rape acquittal

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Former Tennessee linebacker A.J. Johnson is getting a shot in the NFL with the Broncos less than a month after he was acquitted along with a college teammate of aggravated rape charges.

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Dubai's First Skyscraper to be Preserved in Modern Heritage Initiative

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Dubai Municipality has announced that the city is planning to preserve its landmark buildings from the 1960s and 70s as part of a new initiative called Modern Heritage. Jointly launched by the Planning Department and the Architectural Heritage Department, the initiative aims to save the first footprints of . The initiative would protect some of the most significant buildings constructed when the city was first beginning its rapid development. The plan includes the preservation of the Dubai Trade Centre, a 149-metre-high tower regarded as the city's first skyscraper. 

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From windows to Mars: Scientists debut super-insulating gel

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A new gel could increase energy efficiency in skyscrapers and help scientists to build habitats on Mars.

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AI camera to help spot the best grapes for making pesticide-free wine

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A combination of AI and photography is helping wine makers keep their grapes free of disease, by spotting the grapes that are most resistant to rot

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CPM for knee or shoulder joints: Advantage only in two therapeutic indications

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Less pain in stiff shoulders and improved mobility after total knee replacement - but the final report does not confirm greater benefit in rotator cuff tears.

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Pregnant Goat Dies After Reportedly Being Gang-Raped By Eight Men

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In a truly creepy and horrendous incident emerging from India, eight men are absconding after allegations that they gang-raped a pregnant goat to death, reports .
India is infamous for sexual violence against women, with the last few years marking spikes in incidents of rapes across the northern part of the country, but this is a massively disgusting incident even by the country's abysmally low standards.
According to the report, the owner of the goat, Aslu, filed a report about an incident which took place on July 26. Early in the morning, some men tried to molest his pregnant goat in the courtyard of his house, at which point he confronted them. Some of the men were thrashed by local villagers for acting like lunatics.

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Enzo Amore Says He'll Never Wrestle Again, 'Not In a Million Years'

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Ex-WWE superstar Enzo Amore says his wrestling days are over FOR GOOD -- telling TMZ Sports there's no amount of money in the world that can change his mind. Amore -- real name Eric Arndt -- was fired from the WWE in the wake of rape...

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Arkansas Bear Claw / modus studio

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This student focused multifamily project occupies a complex Ozark site adjacent to the University of Arkansas in Downtown . Extensive site topography defines the building characteristics in stepping massive forms and angular geometries that are the resultant of Center Street diagonally slicing the hillside, which creates an unusual trapezoidal block. These native characteristics drove the architectural concepts and delivered in built form a stark contrast to the most normative of all student-housing typologies: the Texas Donut. We argue that the Arkansas Bear Claw is a more adept model of dense multifamily living.

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