Friday, 23 October 2020
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Tissue-digging nanodrills do just enough damage

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Scientists show light-activated molecular drills effectively kill cells in whole eukaryotic organisms. The drills, designed to target drug-resistant bacteria, cancer and other disease-causing cells, can now be used to kill whole organisms and drill into skin for therapeutic treatment.

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Cycles of reward: New insight into ADHD treatment

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Researchers have investigated the actions of the drug in rats. Using dopamine cell recordings, electrochemical monitoring and computer modeling, they discovered a type of feedback loop that modulates dopamine levels in the rats' brains in response to the drug. This regulatory process may shed light on methylphenidate's therapeutic properties in ADHD.

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Increasing sleep time after trauma could ease ill effects

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Increasing the amount of time spent asleep immediately after a traumatic experience may ease any negative consequences, suggests a new study conducted by researchers. The study helps build a case for use of sleep therapeutics following trauma exposure. The finding holds promise for populations that are routinely exposed to trauma, such as military personnel and first responders, and may also benefit victims of accidents, natural disaster, violence, and abuse.

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Grape expectations: Will a lockdown-free summer save the wine industry's blushes?

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"We lost two months of sales. Up to 50% of our usual turnover," wine producer Jean Simonet told Euronews. His domain, Château Grand Boise, relies mostly on restaurants to buy up its stock.


Hathras case: A fatal assault, a cremation and no goodbye

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The family of an Indian woman who died after an alleged gang rape by upper-caste men are in torment.

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Trump rape accuser in court

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A woman who says President Donald Trump raped her in the 1990s arrived to court to hear lawyers argue whether Trump can substitute the United States for himself as the defendant in her defamation lawsuit. (Oct. 21)


Judge to hear DOJ request to represent Trump in rape defamation lawsuit

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The Justice Department is set to argue in federal court Wednesday that President Donald Trump acted in his official capacity when denying a rape claim made by a longtime magazine columnist, and therefore shouldn't be sued personally for defamation.


Rapeseed instead of soy burgers: Researchers identify a new source of protein for humans

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Rapeseed has the potential to replace soy as the best plant-based source of protein for humans. In a current study, nutrition scientists found that rapeseed protein consumption has comparable beneficial effects on human metabolism as soy protein. The glucose metabolism and satiety were even better. Another advantage: The proteins can be obtained from the by-products of rapeseed oil production.

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A ferry protein in the pancreas protects it from the stress induced by a high-fat diet

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Scientists have now uncovered a key mechanism by which pancreatic function is maintained in response to a high-fat diet. A protein present in pancreatic insulin-producing cells protects them from damage under the stress induced by a high-fat diet. As the world increases its intake of high-fat foods and as type 2 diabetes incidence rises as a result, this protein could be a novel therapeutic target for type 2 diabetes mellitus.

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