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Tall men 'have greater risk of developing prostate cancer'

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Taller men are at greater risk of developing an aggressive form of prostate cancer and have a 17 per cent risk of dying, new research suggests.


Cancer MOT: Mechanic taking on prostate cancer

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Errol McKellar, a garage owner from Hackney, is raising awareness of prostate cancer by offering 20% discounts to any customer willing to get tested for the disease.


Height link to aggressive prostate cancer

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Tall men have a heightened risk of dying from aggressive prostate cancer, research showns.


Glycans as biomarkers for cancer?

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Glycosylated proteins are often overexpressed in tumor cells and thus could serve as tumor markers, especially those with the interesting molecule sialic acid as their sugar moiety. Scientists now report on a bioorthogonal labeling test for sialylated glycoproteins based on a glycoproteomics approach. This assay not only assesses the level of sialylated glycans in the tumor cell membranes, but also identifies up- or downregulated proteins directly in the prostate cancer tissue.

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The New Health Care: The ABCs and Ds of Whether to Get Prostate Cancer Screening

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A way to make sense of the shifting advice by experts.

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Similarities between next-generation prostate cancer drugs discovered

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For the first time, researchers have shown how a class of advanced prostate cancer drugs are processed in the body and how their anti-tumor activity might change depending on how they are metabolized. Their pre-clinical findings may lay the foundation for improving therapies for treatment-resistant, aggressive prostate cancer.

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New three-in-one blood test opens door to precision medicine for prostate cancer

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Scientists have developed a three-in-one blood test that could transform treatment of advanced prostate cancer through use of precision drugs designed to target mutations in the BRCA genes. By testing cancer DNA in the bloodstream, researchers found they could pick out which men with advanced prostate cancer were likely to benefit from treatment with exciting new drugs called PARP inhibitors.

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Turmeric, red grape, and apple compounds 'starve' prostate cancer cells

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Researchers have found that a compound in apple peel can prevent the growth of prostate cancer cells when combined with turmeric or red grape compounds.


Prostate cancer blood test 'helps target treatment'

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By detecting cancer DNA in blood, the test can identify which men will benefit from precision drugs.


Blood cell discovery identifies patients with aggressive prostate cancer

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Patients who have aggressive prostate cancer could be identified by a highly accurate and simple blood test, according to an early study.

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