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Scientists develop novel immunotherapy technology for prostate cancer

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A novel immunotherapeutic strategy for the treatment of cancer based on the use of synthetic DNA to directly encode protective antibodies against a cancer-specific protein has been described in a new article.

Discovery of new prostate cancer biomarkers could improve precision therapy

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A new cause of treatment resistance in prostate cancer has been uncovered by investigators. Their discovery also suggests ways to improve prostate cancer therapy.

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Mutation in prostate tumors shown to change epigenetic identity, the make-up of DNA

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Prostate cancer researchers have mapped the impact of an acquired mutation that alters epigenetic identity, the make-up of DNA, in about 50 percent of patient tumor samples. The discovery also identifies a new opportunity for targeted therapy.

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First human application of novel PET tracer for prostate cancer

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Researchers have demonstrated the potential of a new PET tracer, Carbon-11 labeled sarcosine (11C-sarcosine), for imaging prostate cancer, and set the stage for its possible use in monitoring other cancers.

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Exercise Extends Survival With Early Prostate Cancer

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Men with prostate cancer that hasn't spread may have longer survival the more they exercise, a recent study suggests. For these men, regular moderate or vigorous physical activity was associated with 31 percent to 37 percent lower likelihood of death during the study,...


Prostate biopsy: What to expect

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A prostate biopsy is the most effective way to diagnose prostate cancer. Learn more about this essential procedure for early detection.


Tall men 'have greater risk of developing prostate cancer'

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Taller men are at greater risk of developing an aggressive form of prostate cancer and have a 17 per cent risk of dying, new research suggests.


Cancer MOT: Mechanic taking on prostate cancer

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Errol McKellar, a garage owner from Hackney, is raising awareness of prostate cancer by offering 20% discounts to any customer willing to get tested for the disease.


Height link to aggressive prostate cancer

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Tall men have a heightened risk of dying from aggressive prostate cancer, research showns.


Glycans as biomarkers for cancer?

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Glycosylated proteins are often overexpressed in tumor cells and thus could serve as tumor markers, especially those with the interesting molecule sialic acid as their sugar moiety. Scientists now report on a bioorthogonal labeling test for sialylated glycoproteins based on a glycoproteomics approach. This assay not only assesses the level of sialylated glycans in the tumor cell membranes, but also identifies up- or downregulated proteins directly in the prostate cancer tissue.

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