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Who were the victims of Charles Manson's killer cult?

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In the summer of 1969 cult leader Charles Manson led a group known as the 'Manson Family' in the killing of seven people, including actress Sharon Tate, who was heavily pregnant.

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Common causes of belly button pain

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In this article, learn about the reasons for belly button pain. Included is detail on causes, such as surgery, gastroenteritis, and pregnancy.

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Progesterone to fight preterm birth

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A new study provides additional support for treatment with vaginal progesterone to reduce the risk of preterm birth, neonatal complications and infant death in pregnant women with a short cervix. A shortened cervix is the most powerful predictor of preterm birth.

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Study raises possibility of naturally acquired immunity against Zika virus

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Birth defects in babies born infected with Zika virus remain a major health concern. Now, scientists suggest the possibility that some women in high-risk Zika regions may already be protected and not know it. New research performed in mice, shows women who develop symptom-free Zika infections may be able to acquire immunity that would protect them from future infections and their offspring in a future pregnancy.

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NFL star and wife open up about losing their baby boy

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The 49ers player took to the field Sunday just hours after the tragic death of their baby boy due to pregnancy complications

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Judge won't dismiss lawsuit tied to fiery Jeep Liberty crash

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The family of a pregnant woman who died in a rear-end crash while in a Jeep Liberty has cleared a hurdle in a lawsuit against Fiat Chrysler.


Introducing Serena Williams' baby daughter Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr

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Serena Williams uses social media to introduce her baby daughter to the world and document her pregnancy.


Infection in pregnant pigs leads to antisocial piglets

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When a pregnant woman gets a bad case of the flu, her immune system may react in a way that affects her baby’s developing brain, which could lead to behavioral disorders like autism in the child or schizophrenia in the young adult. The link is well established in humans, which is one reason it’s standard practice to get a flu shot during pregnancy. But until now, the majority of studies testing the underlying causes have been done with rodents, including two that were released just last week.  

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Flu shot's impact on pregnant women and their babies

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For most of us, getting the flu is a miserable inconvenience, but for some it can be dangerous, even deadly. Pregnant women and young babies are among those most at risk for complications from the flu, and while doctors have long recommended flu shots for protection, experts weren't exactly sure how the shots affect pregnancy.

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Vaccines protect fetuses from Zika infection, mouse study shows

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Zika virus can cause severe brain damage in people infected before birth. A new study in mice shows that females vaccinated before pregnancy and infected with Zika virus while pregnant bear pups who show no trace of the virus. The findings offer the first evidence that an effective vaccine administered prior to pregnancy can protect vulnerable fetuses from Zika infection and resulting injury.

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