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Uproar in Israel over Polish prime minister's remark on 'Jewish perpetrators' during WWII

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Israeli politicians accused Poland's prime minister of anti-Semitism Saturday for equating the Polish perpetrators in the Holocaust to its supposed "Jewish perpetrators," setting off a new chapter in an angry dispute over Poland's new bill criminalizing the mention of Polish complicity in the Nazi-led...


EU is full of 'FREE RIDERS!' Furious Poland shames members shirking Nato spending target

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POLISH Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki mocked the EU for “pretending to be self-sufficient” on defence and security, calling on member states to follow Donald Trump's demands and bring Nato spending closer to NATO's goal of 2 percent of their gross product.


The polar vortex just split. What does that mean for us?

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The polar vortex, winter's favorite whipping boy, has split into two pieces. On top of that, we're also enduring "sudden stratospheric warming."

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Polar bears waste lots of their energy and it could be a problem

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We thought polar bears had neat tricks for conserving energy in lean periods, but it turns out they are not that thrifty, which could cause them trouble in the future

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Akademeia High School in Warsaw / Medusagroup Studio

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Changes in the public education system in Poland have not kept up with the modern changes in the lives and activities of young people. Generation of the so-called millenials, which entered the high school age, forced a thorough reformulation of the approach to education. It also forced a review of the principles of shaping school buildings.

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Merkel SHOWDOWN: Germany facing WW2 reparation demands as Poland PM jets in for talks

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POLAND’S prime minister will meet Angela Merkel in Berlin today for a showdown over EU funding, just hours after he appeared to accuse her of being a “a free rider which threatens the unity of the West”.


In the cases of two separate holocausts, Israel and Poland find it difficult to acknowledge the facts of history

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The Israelis have been mighty pissed off with the Polish government these past few days. I don’t blame them. In fact – and I’m not referring to the racist, extremist military occupation government of Benjamin Netanyahu – the Israeli people and Jews around the world are quite right to be enraged at Poland’s latest Holocaust denialism. The Polish decision to criminalise any accusation of Polish complicity in the Holocaust, passing a law...

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Poland set to build new hub airport

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Scheduled to open in 2027, the new airport is hoped to become a regional hub and one of the largest international transfer airports in Europe.


[Ticker] Polish PM: Nord Stream 2 pipeline could prompt war

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The planned German-Russian Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline would make an all-out Russian-Ukrainian war more likely, Polish prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki told Die Welt newspaper, ahead of his Berlin visit on Friday. He called the project "unnecessary, detrimental and divisive". The pipeline would bypass Poland, Ukraine and the Baltic countries. Morawiecki argued if Nord Stream 2 became operational, Russia could escalate the conflict in Ukraine by shutting off pipelines there.

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Metallica wins 2018 Polar Music Prize

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American heavy metal band Metallica has won Sweden's Polar Music Prize, drawing a delighted response from the group which has sold more than 100 million records worldwide.

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