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Review - American Ninja Warrior: Challenge (PS4) | WayTooManyGames

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WTMG's Jordan Hawes: "American Ninja Warrior: Challenge is a poor attempt at trying to adapt the successful television show in game form. It lacks features, polish, and any sort of gameplay depth. If they based it on actual physics and give individual limbs stamina so you had to properly balance your bodies stamina as well as use your limbs freely instead of relying only on QTEs then maybe it would have had something to try and master. The lack of effort is glaring and you should absolutely steer clear from this title."


5 Avengers That Need the Spider-Man PS4 Treatment

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With the success of Spider-Man PS4 and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, heres a few ideas for which Avengers should get their own game next.


[Review] World War Z is a Slight, Yet Entertaining, Apocalyptic Shooter | Bloody Disgusting

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The dead are up and running for you! Find out if the chase is thrilling in Bloody Disgustings World War Z review for PS4.

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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy Review - Gaming Respawn

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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy is a visual novel style drama from Capcom and it is out now for PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and Steam!

Tags: SWIFT, Xbox One, PS4, PC, SPA

Our World is Ended Review - Visually Novel (PS4) | PSLS

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Our World is Ended is a kitschy, sci-fi visual novel about a group of video game developers who accidentally warp reality through augmented reality technology. Under certain conditions, the team known as Judgment Seven blends the real world of Tokyos Asakusa district with the worlds of its video games, and existing in that space may or may not be a battle of survival. In the meantime, as protagonist Reiji and his co-workers figure out what the heck is going on, they spend a lot of time yelling about boobs.


PS5 Price to Be $399, Specifications Include AMD Ryzen 3600G CPU: Analyst

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While Sony is yet to confirm the PS5 price, it appears the successor to the PS4 may be cheaper than originally anticipated.

Tags: PS4, Sony, Ice T, AMD

World War Z PS4 Review - A Horde of Familiarity | PSLS

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Joseph takes us on a deep dive as to whether or not World War Z, a cooperate zombie action game, is worth your time and money, even at the $40 price point.

Tags: PS4, Money

New Mortal Kombat 11 Update 1.02 Released For "General Bug Fixes"

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NetherRealm Studios has released another Mortal Kombat 11 update today ahead of the launch of the game. This reportedly implements some general bug fixes and it is out now on PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Tags: SWIFT, PS4, iOS

Path to Mnemosyne (PS4) Review | GamePitt

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Josh writes: Theres not much you can do to prepare yourself for the experience that you will have the first time you play Path to Mnemosyne. Its a unique game which will take you on a psychedelic adventure through an unnamed patients troubled psyche; Youll even be questioning your own mentality by the time you reach the ending of this visually stunning puzzle game.

Tags: PS4, MEP

World War Z (PS4) Review | GamePitt

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Nicola writes: Have you ever thought to yourself, Man I wish I had Brad Pitts life? Well, now you can! Ok, maybe Im stretching the truth a little, you can have his characters life from the World War Z movie! Thats right, the awesome zombie movie now has a game thanks to Saber Interactive, Mad Dog Games and Focus Home Interactive. Briefly, the movie stars Brad Pitt at the beginning of a worldwide zombie apocalypse as he travels the world investigating the outbreak, where it began, whats happening, and how can he stop it. The main difference between popular culture zombies and those in World War Z is that within this franchise, they are really freaking fast!


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