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The Best PS4 Platformer Games

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The PS4 is home to many great platformer games, and fans of this genre are well catered for, as this article showcases.

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Xbox One X Has Won An Important Victory Over PS4 Pro In My Household

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Forbes: "There are many, many debates to be had about whether or not an Xbox One is a good purchase for you, given your current console set-up, TV and general level of interest. But what I can speak to is my own experience with the system so far, as someone who does this for a living and is almost has to own every system (with a solid TV to play them on)."

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Far From Noise Review (PS4) - Punk and Lizard

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P&L write: "Far From Noise has perhaps one of the most intriguing premises of the year. Youre in a beat up car, balancing on the edge of a cliff. The car is rocking back and forth ominously. As predicaments go, this is a pretty big one. But how did you end up here? How can you survive? Do you have RAC cover? The questions are endless."

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Nintendo Switch vs. Xbox One X: The Console Wars Are Finally Interesting

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In recent years, the term "console war" has largely been about PlayStation vs. Xbox, first in the guise of the Xbox vs the PS2, then the Xbox 360 vs. the PS3, and finally the Xbox One vs. the PS4, in addition to the Xbox One X vs. the PS4 Pro. And let's be real: this is a marketing battle more than anything else. Yes, the consoles do have their differences, particularly when it comes to their stables of exclusives. But they offer strikingly similar takes on what gaming should look like in 2017, they play an overwhelming number of the same games, and they come to the table with incredibly similar hardware capabilities, just not completely identical ones. Which one you want to buy comes down to a matter of taste, preference or loyalty, and the rest of the gaming industry looks more or less the same no matter which console the majority of people decide to pick up (the PS4). This year, things are a little different. 2017 is the year that Nintendo has emerged from the Wii U doldrum...

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Gaming With Killatia Sonic Forces Review - GotGame

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Today on Gaming With Killatia your host, Killatia, take a look at the latest 3D Sonic game Sonic Forces.This game was reviewed on the Nintendo Switch but also available on the Xbox one and PS4. Many other reviewers may not like this game by your host actually enjoyed the game for what it is worth!

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Sony's Black Friday Sale Ad Is Hilarious; Promises Big Discounts

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Sony Interactive releases a Black Friday trailer promising sales for PS4 in Europe, and providing some much welcome hilarity.

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SOMA to hit Xbox One in December with new Safe mode

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Neil writes "If you like horror then you would probably have heard of SOMA - the sci-fi horror title from Frictional Games. It's been available on PS4 and PC previously but today it has been confirmed that it'll be hitting Xbox One... with a 'Safe Mode' attached!"

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Hori, Mad Catz, Qanba and Razer PS4 fight sticks discounted

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Amazon has discounted several PlayStation 4 fight sticks, including the Hori Fighting Stick Mini 4, Mad Catz Street Fighter V Arcade FightStick Alpha, Qanba Crystal Joystick, Qanba Drone and Razer Panthera Arcade Stick.

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Sky Force Reloaded Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC release dates confirmed

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Neil writes "Remember Sky Force Anniversary? The rather brilliant arcade shoot em up? Well Sky Force is back and it'll soon be hitting Xbox One, PS4, PC and Switch in Reloaded form."

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Review: Blue Reflection PS4 \ AIR Entertainment

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My major issue with this game is the overly misogynistic sexualisation of young girls

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