Sunday, 23 July 2017
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Overwatch as an Accessible FPS Game

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Overwatch is an accessible FPS game. What makes it so easy for gamers new to the shooter genre, but still great for hardcore players as well?


This Doomfist Cosplay Is The Best Overwatch Cosplay Ever

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Probably, anyway.  It helps that its an official effort with the full backing of Blizzard.

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A Technological Analysis Of Overwatch's Sombra

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A Brief History Of Sombra Meet Sombra, real name, unknown. To the world, she doesnt officially exist. Skills include computer hacking and cryptography. Her story is a hackers cliché. Orphaned by killer robots, recruited by a well intentioned Mexican gang, hacks an international conspiracy, and goes into hiding.


LawBreakers Dev Comments on Overwatch Comparisons; Doesn't Rule Out Possible Xbox One Version

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BossKey is confident LawBreakers can stand on its own in the hero-based shooter genre.


Overwatch: Game of the Year Edition coming to retail stores soon

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More than 30 million gamers across the globe have already charged onto the battlefields of tomorrow in Overwatch. Starting next week, new players can suit up and save the world join the fight for the future with an enhanced boxed version of the team-based shooter thats won over more than 100 game of the year.


Overwatch like mobile game King of Legion starts open beta test today

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Overwatch-like first person shooter and multiplayer online battle arena mobile game, King of Legion, launches data-saving open beta test on July 21st, i.e. today!


'Overwatch': new anti-griefing system confirmed to arrive

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A new anti-griefing system will soon be implemented in 'Overwatch' according to Blizzard support representative.

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This week in games: Call of Duty WWII's spooky zombies, Doom Guy identity revealed, and more

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Christmas in July? More like Halloween in July, as we are inundated with horror trailers this week—Evil Within II, Observer, and Call of Duty: WWII's spooky new zombies.
That, plus John Romero reveals who served as inspiration for the iconic Doom cover art, American Truck Simulator closes down Pacific Coast Highway, and StarCraft II adds skins, sprays, and other Overwatch-style fodder.
This is gaming news for July 17 to 21.More Wang
Looking for something to play this weekend? If you never purchased the 2014 Shadow Warrior reboot, you can grab it from from now until 10 a.m. Pacific on July 22—less than 24 hours from now. I know, it's not the longest-running promotion, but that 2014 Shadow Warrior is an with some awe-inspiring boss battles and great (albeit crass) humor.

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'Overwatch': Doomfist's Rocket Punch gets a buff, Super Jump returns

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An "Overwatch" player discovered how to trigger Doomfist's Super Jump and how to cancel his rocket Punch animation.


Overwatch's ambition

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Activision Blizzard reveals who has spent about $20m to buy the first Overwatch League teams.

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