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Saudi energy minister talks OPEC+ unity, backs Aramco to soar

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OPEC and its allies would only ease supply curbs and pump more oil once global crude inventories fall and pricing reflects a tighter market, Saudi Arabia's energy minister told Reuters.

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Trump takes aim at trickle-down toilets, faucets

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President Donald Trump said on Friday he has directed his environmental regulators to find answers to what he considers a big problem - water-conserving showers, faucets and toilets that restrict their flow to a dribble.

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Trump WH to take on light bulbs and toilet flushes

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President Trump is defending his rollback of light bulb efficiency standards, saying the new bulbs give him "an orange look." He also says the EPA is looking at water efficiency regulations, complaining toilets need to be flushed too many times. (Dec. 6)

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Saudi delivers deeper cuts as OPEC+ oil producers back new pact

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By Shadia Nasralla, Olesya Astakhova and Bozorgmehr Sharafedin

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TikTok video of bread being made with baby powder, Febreze has internet asking questions

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A TikTok video demonstration of bread that is made out of baby powder, baby oil and a spray of Febreze is causing horror online.

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Messiah: Netflix trailer 'reveals spoiler' to Muslim viewers

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The main twist in the upcoming show, Messiah, was obvious to many Muslim and Arabic-speaking fans.

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Palm oil from Colombia is more climate and wildlife friendly

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Most oil palms in Colombia are planted on land previously used for grazing cattle, rather than land cleared of rainforests, making it a greener choice

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Wife of Papa John's founder John Schnatter files for divorce

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Annette Cox, 59, called Schnatter a 57-year-old Louisville resident who "is not employed," according to boilerplate, three-page petition.

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French retailers, hoteliers warn strikes could spoil Christmas season

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French retailers and hoteliers warned their crucial Christmas season could be spoiled if a strike, which was causing travel chaos for a second day on Friday, drags on for much longer.

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Genetic discovery holds implications for better immunity, longer life

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Wrinkles on the skin of a microscopic worm might provide the key to a longer, healthier life for humans. Working with Caenorhabditis elegans, a transparent nematode found in soil, researchers found that the nervous system controls the tiny worm's cuticle, a skin-like exterior barrier, in response to bacterial infections.

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