Friday, 23 February 2018
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Why steel and aluminum tariffs matter to the U.S. economy

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The Trump administration's hard-edged proposals to impose steep tariffs on steel and aluminum imports would boost a flagging sector of American business. No doubt.


Vegan diet as lifestyle choice and the need for risk communication

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Tofu sausages on the barbecue, followed by cake made with bananas instead of eggs? There is no doubt that the vegan diet is in vogue. Alongside the proven positive effects on health, however, there are also risks.

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Ellsbury Arrives in Yankee Camp, Looking for a Role

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The Yankees owe Ellsbury $68 million over the next three seasons and no doubt wish they were free of his contract. But a Yankee he remains, at least for now.

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'Protect your eyes while on the slopes,' scientists warn

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Snow fanatics are no doubt aware of the risk of getting sunburnt on the slopes, but a new study shows that it is more than a red face that skiers and snowboarders should be concerned about.

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8 Things Wed Like to See in Grand Theft Auto 6

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Chris at GameSpew: There's no doubt that Rockstar is working on Grand Theft Auto 6, and so we're fantasising about some of the features we'd like to see in the next open world behemoth.

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5 ways to go local in Istanbul

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Straddling both Europe and Asia, there’s no doubt that Turkey’s vibrant capital city of Istanbul has plenty to offer, when it comes to great food, drink, shopping and much more. While there are a number of big businesses to help you get a top Turkish experience on your visit, it’s worth looking at independent operators to get an authentic ...

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Could The Switch Be One Of Nintendos Greatest Successes?

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Ive been talking about the Switch a lot recently, and Im not the only one. If you follow even a single gaming news outlet, youll likely be inundated with news about Nintendos fledgeling console. Having already outsold its predecessor, the Wii U, within its first year of life, its a success story that will no doubt have the big shots at Nintendo breathing a sigh of relief. But how will the console fare in the long run? Its current trajectory gives us a few clues.


New Mass Effect: Andromeda Multiplayer Patch Available

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Mass Effect: Andromeda has no doubt had a rough development and post-launch period. However, BioWare is attempting to keep the multiplayer balanced with another patch.


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