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The Switch's Success Won't Undermine the Xbox One X

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The Xbox One X had a reasonable launch period since its debut, the 4K powerhouse making a name for itself despite a lack of 1st party content for the console. But with a massive launch under its belt and a ton of Game of the Year contenders pushing it forward, theres no doubt the Nintendo Switch has left Microsoft with a lot of questions it needs to answer quickly if its going to remain relevant in 2018.

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Brady-Cooks connection X'd out in recent weeks

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With the Titans likely to follow Miami's strategy for shutting down Brandin Cooks, the veteran WR and his elite QB will no doubt be ready for it.

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The Grey's Anatomy Spinoff Cast Would Really Like to Know What Their Show Will Be Called

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The Grey's Anatomy spinoff is arriving on ABC is two months, but the show still has no name. While the producers are no doubt hard at work on landing the perfect title, the cast of...

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Top 5 PS4 Game Soundtracks of 2017

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There is no doubt that 2017 was a huge gaming success and with success stories comes finding out what made those games so great. Music is an integral part of any game and 2017 has shown us there is plenty of competition when it comes to music.

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Great Gaming Soundtracks From Past To Present.....Part Two

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In our second batch of musical selections, we have undoubtedly picked out some stellar pieces of music that will pull at the coldest of heart strings. The music, ever present and haunting us with ever evolving soundtracks is a huge contributor toward what makes a game great. It ignites our emotions in ways we cant imagine be it in film, TV or gaming. Without it, we wouldnt be able to full appreciate the experience that is intended by a director of any said media. And that brings us to our next batch of musical greats that will no doubt remain timeless to many.

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Is Trump Really Crazy?

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, American Greatness
Michael Wolff's sensational exposé of the supposed chaos of the Trump White House is no doubt largely a mix of fantasy, exaggeration, and some accidental truth. The postmodernist author even admits that his own methodologies defy verification, and so leave it up to the reader to

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Dustoff Heli Rescue 2 Review | TheXboxHub

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Neil from TXH writes: "With a visual style that is reminiscent of the offspring of Minecraft and Crossy Road, it must be said that Dustoff Heli Rescue 2 will probably be dismissed by a huge swathe of gamers. Realism is king in the jungle of the modern day videogamer and the blocky visual nature of Dustoff will no doubt ensure that this helicopter themed rescue-em-up will struggle to enthuse the wider audience."

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Switch DS Leaked In Japan - A Hilarious Rumor

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After Nintendo Switch, the house of Kyoto will probably not release a new console anytime soon, but a leak coming out from a Reddit user through a not so true-looking magazine shows that Nintendo still has some space to build a Switch DS. There is no doubt that the above is a prank and the poor Photoshop skills prove it to some extent

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There's Something About Maduin: The Underappreciated Summons of Final Fantasy

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RPGfan: "We all know about Ifrit and Shiva, but what about those summons that sometimes get pushed to one side? There will no doubt be ones that people recognise and love, but I'm sharing the series' more diverse entities that I've both loved and questioned."

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Vegan diet as lifestyle choice and the need for risk communication

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Tofu sausages on the barbecue, followed by cake made with bananas instead of eggs? There is no doubt that the vegan diet is in vogue. Alongside the proven positive effects on health, however, there are also risks.

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