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Our Take on the Smash Bros., Scalebound, & New Sony Handheld Rumors

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Jacob St-Amour from Link-Cable Writes: "It seems like every week that passes by before E3, the rumors are starting to get a bit out of hand are harder to believe. From a new character unveiling for Nintendos biggest franchise, a lost and forgotten title being saved, to Sony working on a new portable console. Theres no doubt that these rumors will get crazier and crazier in the days to come, but today, we focus on these three and see if they are just part of the E3 craze."


Hyper-caffeinated action-platformer Super Hyperactive Ninja slashes its way to Xbox One

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Neil writes: "You probably don't know it, but you've no doubt got common with Super Hyperactive Ninja than you realise. See, if the coffee runs out in Super Hyperactive Ninja, then it's game over. Just. Like. In. Real. Life."


[Ticker] Italy set to pick eurosceptic finance minister

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The 81-year-old Paolo Savona appeared on Thursday as the leading candidate to become Italy's new finance and economy minister, despite describing Italy's entry in the eurozone a "historic error". Leader of the far-right League, Matteo Salvini, said he had "no doubts" that Savona, a former banker and industry minister was the right man for the job. Savona believes Italy is being 'colonised' by Germany.

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Some desert creatures may be able to cope with climate change better than expected

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Ecologists have no doubt that climate change will affect the earth's animals and plants. But how exactly? This is often hard to predict. There are already indications that some species are shifting their distribution range. But it is much less clear how individual animals and populations are responding to the changes. Scientists have been studying nocturnal desert geckos to see how they are adapting to climatic changes.

Battlefield V preview | Gamereactor

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GR writes: "For now, though, we're thoroughly impressed with all the care and attention DICE has shown to the franchise, even if that's not a surprise at this point. Concerns will no doubt hover over elements like the new fortifications, but as for the rest of the large-scale warfare that defines the series, we have high hopes that DICE can deliver an engaging experience again, bringing us a new side of a very famous conflict along with a ton of new stuff to keep us hooked."


Mark Webber drives Porsche Mission E, finds hints of 919 Le Mans racer - Roadshow

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This thing's gonna be good, no doubt about it.

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Defence will be Belgium’s biggest Achilles heel heading into 2018 World Cup

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There is no doubt that Belgium are one of the biggest candidates heading into the 2018 World Cup. The Red Devils cruised their way through the UEFA World Cup Qualifiers, and undoubtedly feature some of the best players in the world in their current squad. However, it might be a stretch to call them a ...]


Poison project

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Scientist Vladimir Uglev has no doubt the agent that poisoned the Skripals was made in Russia.


Vegan diet as lifestyle choice and the need for risk communication

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Tofu sausages on the barbecue, followed by cake made with bananas instead of eggs? There is no doubt that the vegan diet is in vogue. Alongside the proven positive effects on health, however, there are also risks.

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