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Natalie Portman Agrees Annihilation Whitewashing Is "Problematic"

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Ahead of its Feb. 23 release, Alex Garland has been accused of whitewashing Annihilation. Written for the screen and directed by Garland, based on the best-selling Southern Reach trilogy...


Natalie Portman Acknowledges Annihilation Whitewashing is ‘Problematic’

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Natalie Portman has responded to claims that her new film Annihilation whitewashes the identities of its main characters. In an interview with Yahoo Entertainment, Portman and her co-star Jennifer Jason Leigh say they only learned about the race of the characters in the film’s source material this week. When asked ...


Natalie Portman Pays Up After Losing Bet With Ellen DeGeneres

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Natalie Portman paid up. More than a year ago, the Oscar winner visited Ellen DeGeneres' daytime set for an interview. At the time, she was pregnant with her second child and the...


Reese Witherspoon Taught Natalie Portman a Very Important Lesson

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Like Elle Woods taking on a case pro bono, Reese Witherspoon has made a pet project of teaching fellow A-lister Natalie Portman how to use social media. “Reese has been a wonderful support system in teaching me the ways of modernity,” Portman said in an interview. “There’s this thing called social ...


Andy Samberg Explains How Natalie Portman Finally Got Her SNL Rap Sequel

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When Vulture interviewed Seth Meyers about the SNL writers’ quest to pick the best Lonely Island Digital Short a couple years ago, he kept coming back to Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone, and Akiva Schaffer’s ability to shoot sequels that actually topped their original sketches. This might seem like a small ...


Natalie Portman defends Star Wars prequels in 'SNL' rap

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The actor swears (!) the trilogy was good She also tells fans much more than they wanted to know about Jar Jar Binks' anatomy.

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Natalie Portman Raps on SNL About Star Wars Prequels

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Rapper Natalie Portman is back! The 36-year-old Oscar winner hosted NBC's Saturday Night Live and took part in a rap video, in which she rapped about what it's like to be her and...


'SNL' spoofs 'Stranger Things' with Natalie Portman as Eleven

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Nosebleeds are nothing compared to the disturbing side effects suffered by the other special kids in this parody.

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Saturday Night Live Recap: Natalie Portman Raps About Sex, Drugs, and Jar Jar Binks

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It’s been a dozen years since Natalie Portman hosted SNL. Back in 2006, she busily fended off questions about life as Queen Amidala in the Star Wars prequels and played off of her genteel image in a savage rap about her proclivities for drugs, doing dirt, and catching the D. ...


Natalie Portman’s Ferocious SNL Rap Somehow Dissolves Into How Jar Jar Binks Has 17 Dicks

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Damn, girl. Judging solely by her sick rap skills, Natalie Portman hasn’t changed much in the 12 years since she last hosted SNL. Oh, except she has a bunch more modern cultural references up her sleeve to scare the shit out of her new interviewer: Tide Pods are her preferred ...


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