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International students' concept of 'home' shapes post-graduation plans

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How international university students think about home significantly influences their migration plans upon graduation, according to a new study.

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Study maps where US patients appear more ill than they are

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In some areas of the US, medical providers consistently order more tests and treatments for patients than providers do elsewhere -- a fact that has generated considerable public debate. Now a new study suggests that these differences in medical practices influence how the apparent health of populations is measured across regions.

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From mice, clues to microbiome's influence on metabolic disease

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The community of microorganisms that resides in the gut, known as the microbiome, has been shown to work in tandem with the genes of a host organism to regulate insulin secretion, a key variable in the onset of the metabolic disease diabetes, new research has found.

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The flu gets cold

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In an effort to one day eliminate the need for an annual flu shot, a group of researchers is exploring the surface of influenza viruses, which are covered by a protein called “hemagglutinin” (HA). This particular protein is used like a key by viruses to open cells and infect them, making it an ideal target for efforts to help the body's immune system fight off a wide range of influenza strains.

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Recent upsurge of A(H7N9) flu cases in China

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At present, the most immediate threat to EU citizens is to those living or visiting influenza A(H7N9)-affected areas in China concludes the updated rapid risk assessment. Caution should be taken by people traveling to China to avoid direct exposure to poultry, live poultry markets or backyard farms.

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Fridays from the Frontline: MIT Sloan’s Israel Lab

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Israel is in the news this week following President Donald Trump’s first official meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, which took place on Wednesday. Our Fridays from the Frontline also centers on Israel, but without touching on the incredibly fraught subject of a one- versus two-state solution for the conflict-ridden region. Instead, we focus ...]

Brexit linked inflation deters Britons from spending

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As inflation picked up and prices rose after the Brexit vote British consumers cut back on spending in January.

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Evenflo Tribute Sport Convertible Car Seat - $38.88

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Walmart offers Evenflo Tribute Sport Convertible Car Seat for $38.88. ...

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Washington Redskins: 5 First-Round Options To Watch At 2017 NFL Combine

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The Washington Redskinssit in the middle of the first round in the 2017 NFL Draft. Which prospects for that pick should they be watching at the NFL Combine?The Washington Redskins have a pivotal offseason in front of them. Besides the lingering free agency questions regarding quarterback Kirk Cous...


Clemson's Deshaun Watson an intriguing player to watch at the combine

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One former NFL scout isn't sold on the Tigers' quarterback as a top-10 pick.

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