Thursday, 20 June 2019
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Power Up: Biden plays defense as 2020 Democratic primary heats up

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The ex-vice president is refusing to apologize for praising segregationist senators.

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Joe Biden says Cory Booker 'should apologize' for slam over working with segregationist senators

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Former Vice President Joe Biden told Fox News on Wednesday that he was not going to apologize for invoking his ability decades ago to work with two segregationist southern senators to “get things done.”

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New York moves to ban 'gay panic and trans panic' defense, joining five other states

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New York lawmakers passed a ban on gay and trans panic defenses in murder cases, looking to end what advocates say are discriminatory strategies.


Biden faces backlash over comments about the ‘civility’ of his past work with racist senators

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The former vice president’s remarks came after campaign aides had warned him not to cite his past relationships with segregationist colleagues.

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Incoming Pentagon chief will attend NATO meeting in Brussels next week

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U.S. Army Secretary Mark Esper, who becomes the acting defense secretary on Monday, will travel to Brussels next week for a meeting of NATO defense ministers, the Pentagon said on Wednesday.


Study Finds Beekeepers In The US Lost 40 Percent Of Their Colonies During 2018

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Beekeepers in the United States had the worst winter decline on record since officials started documenting the state of colonies across the country, according to a new study published on Tuesday. The Guardian said four in 10 of the honeybee colonies across the U.S. were lost over the last year, which reignites concern about the crucial pollinators this year. “It’s disconcerting that we’re still seeing elevated losses after over a decade of survey and quite intense work to try to understand and reduce colony loss,” said Geoffrey Williams, assistant professor of entomology at Auburn University and co-author of the annual honeybee survey conducted by the Bee Informed Partnership from the...

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2020 Daily Trail Markers: Biden draws fire as focus turns to South Carolina

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Several of Biden's 2020 Democratic primary competitors jumped on his remarks about segregationist senators on Wednesday


| 'This is not a "what if" story': Tokyo braces for the earthquake of a century

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They call it X Day – a major earthquake striking the heart of the world’s most populous city in the most calamitous event since the second world war. Can hi-tech solutions save Tokyo?
Every day, at 5pm, the gentle melody of the children’s song Yuyake Koyake chimes across the Minato area of Tokyo from a loudspeaker – one of hundreds dotted across schools and parks throughout this megacity of 37 million people.
The does more than signify the arrival of evening. It is a test for the system that is designed to save Tokyoites from what would be one of the worst natural disasters in recorded human history: an earthquake striking the centre of the most populous city on Earth.
As Japan's capital enters a year in the spotlight, from the Rugby World up to the 2020 Olympics, Guardian Cities is spending a week reporting live from the largest megacity on Earth. Despite being the world's riskiest place – with 37 million people vulnerable to tsunami, flooding and due a potentially catastrophic earthquake – it is also one of the most resilient, both in its hi-tech design and its pragmatic social structure. Using manga, photography, film and a group of salarimen rappers, we'll hear from the locals how they feel about their famously impenetrable city finally embracing its global crown
When you have a city this big and your basic lifelines are out, that’s a very significant problem

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