Thursday, 19 July 2018
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Game Freak, How Many More Friendly Pokemon Rivals Must We Suffer Through?

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Nintendo's new Pokemon: Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee trailer features yet another friendly rival, and fans of the series have much to say about it.

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Why some people get dizzy when hearing certain sounds

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Researchers have discovered why certain people experience dizziness when they hear a particular sound, such as a musical tone. For patients with semicircular canal dehiscence, there is a pathological hole in the bone that the inner ear is encased in, and certain acoustic tones cause the inner ear fluid to pump. As a result, the ear sends an incorrect signal to the brain, causing dizziness and vertigo.

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Ever ran screaming from a concert? Keaton Henson has a treat in store

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Aided by the performance artist Brendan Walker, the folk-rock musician is giving concert-goers at London's Barbican Hall a taste of the anxiety disorder that keeps him off the stage.

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Musical training creates new brain connections in children

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Taking music lessons increases brain fiber connections in children and may be useful in treating autism and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), according to a new study.

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Which Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Character Is Your Soul Sister?

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Our favorite girl squad movie is getting a musical makeover. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is being developed into a stage musical, The Hollywood Reporter revealed earlier this week...


Injecting new heart cells improves recovery from heart attacks

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Injecting brand new muscle cells directly into the heart helps it recover after a heart attack, a study in monkeys has found.

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Years & Years musician states Dua Lipa is recording new James Bond theme

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Years & Years star Mikey Goldsworthy accidentally spilled that the New Rules hitmaker was on board.

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How One Character Became Detroit: Become Human's Only Saving Grace

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Let's get one thing straight: Detroit: Become Human is chock-full of flaws. There are three saving graces in this game: the graphics and music throughout the game, and the concept of Connor's branch of the story.


Ciara Charts Her Comeback With "Level Up" Music Video

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Ciara is taking back her narrative. Overnight, the diva dropped "Level Up," her first single since "Dance Like We're Making Love" was released in 2015--and the first...

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Dreams (PS4) Preview - WorthPlaying

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Dreams is a sandbox game, an endless explorative journey where players can create and share their dreams, and then surf an endless dreamiverse of single assets, games, animation, music and everything in between.


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