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Leave No Trace: 6 Tips for Visiting the National Parks

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Man hiking in mountainsThe national parks are some of our country's greatest national treasures—so it's important that while we enjoy them, we also take care of them, especially when hiking and camping in backcountry areas. To help keep the parks pristine, visitors need to take an active role in maintaining them. Here's how you can make the most of the national parks and make sure you leave no trace: Plan Ahead and Prepare Hiking in the backcountry is inherently risky. Three miles of hiking at the high elevations in Wyoming may be much harder than three miles in your neighborhood park back home. Choose appropriate routes for mileage and elevation gain with this in mind, and carry hiking essentials. Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces In front-country and backcountry campgrounds, camp in designated sites. Protect fragile plants by staying on trails even in mud, refusing to cut switchbacks, and walking single file. If you must walk off the trail, step on rocks, snow, or dry grasses rather than wet soil and delicate plants. Leave What You Find Flowers, rocks, and fur tufts on shrubs are protected park resources, as are historical and cultural items. For lunch stops and camping, sit on rocks or logs where you find them rather than moving them to accommodate comfort. Minimize Campfire Impacts Make fires in designated fire pits only, not on beaches. Use small wrist-sized dead and downed wood, not live branches. Be aware: Fires and collecting firewood are not permitted in some places in the parks. Respect Wildlife Bring along binoculars, spotting scopes, and telephoto lenses to aid in watching wildlife. Keep your distance. Do not feed any wildlife, even ground squirrels. Once fed, they can become more aggressive. Be Considerate of Other Visitors In particular, be aware of cell phones and how their use or noise cuts into the natural soundscapes of the parks. For formation on Leave No Trace, visit . Happy camping! Ready to plan your parks adventure? [hbg-title isbn="9781640492776" summary="They’ve been dubbed America’s best idea for a reason: get inspired, get outdoors, and discover the wild beauty of the United States with Moon USA National Parks."/] [hbg-newsletter call_to_action="Want travel inspiration sent straight to your inbox?" button_text="Sign up" list_id_override="c89b0f3998/] Pin it for Later leave no trace pinterest graphic

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26 inch Roadmaster Granite Peak Mens Mountain Bike with 18 Speeds Gearing - $98.00

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This Roadmaster Granite Peak 26 inch Mens Mountain Bike features SRAM drive twist shifters change gears smoothly, 3-piece mountain crank offers wide g ...

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Nonosi House / Inverse Project

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The property is located on the slopes of the mountains that bound the south side of the city of San Jose, Costa Rica. The challenge of the project was to reuse the majority of the structure of two existing buildings that were never completed and had stood vacant for ten years. As the concrete work was in good condition, the architects decided to reuse as much of the existing as possible. The aim however was to completely transform the building and create a home that integrated with the site and to take advantage of the beautiful views of the city, forest and mountains.

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NT House / 2929DesignLab

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NT house is located in the early housing project (established around 1960) in city, which is in the vicinity of Doi Suthep (the most important mountain of Chiang Mai). Not only because of the location wise, but also because the personality of two owners who love peace, nature and privacy can be regarded as significant factors in designing this house. The design was primarily chosen to respond to both project contexts - to create a view that can appreciate nature - and the complete privacy of the house.

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Carlos Zapata Unveils New Mixed-Use Residential Tower in Quito

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Architect has unveiled a new, mixed-use residential tower in , . Located on the northern edge of La Carolina Park, the design has become one of the city’s tallest buildings. The 24-story tower is defined by a three-story opening at its midpoint that creates an communal pool and lounge area, as well as a series of vertical gardens. The new tower was made to embrace Quito’s open sky and striking views of the Andes mountains.

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Champion Announced for Future ShanShui City International Urban Design Competition

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As an important birthplace and practical realization of the concept "lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets," Lishui has assumed the responsibility of exploring the construction of contemporary ShanShui cities. With this background in mind, we hope to build upon Lishui’s status as a "traditional Chinese ShanShui city" to organically combine the spirit of Chinese ShanShui together with contemporary waterfront urban development concepts. The goal is to methodically construct a ShanShui city spatial framework in order to set a model image for this city typology, to create a new ShanShui city lifestyle, and to explore contemporary, sustainable urban planning strategies.

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Killing of a Black Man Beaten by Security Guards Shows Brazil Racism Hasn’t Changed in 300 Years

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In 1695, Zumbi – a warrior and leader of former Black slaves – was captured in his last hiding place between the mountains of Barriga and Dois Irmãos, in Northeastern Brazil. For a year and a half, he survived in the bush, fleeing the Bandeirantes – led by Domingo Jorge Velho – who destroyed Quilombo dos Palmares, the largest of colonial Brazil. On November 20, Zumbi dos Palmares, 40, was decapitated by captain André Mendonça de Furtado and his head displayed on a spike. Zumbi was tortured and killed for liberating himself from enslavement and protecting those who had done the same. As a result of his violence and persecution, Domingo Jorge Velho received “a vast amount of land” to intensify...

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Climate change has revealed a huge haul of ancient arrows in Norway

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An extraordinary number of arrows dating from the Stone Age to the medieval period have melted out of a single ice patch on a Norwegian mountainside in recent years because of climate change

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Cat Hill House / Studio MM Architect

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In , New York, a floating fitness studio soars above a natural ridge, anchoring a curated private sanctuary in the woods. At the foothills of the Catskill Mountains in New York’s Hudson Valley, a densely wooded site with dramatic changes in elevation presented a unique opportunity to create moments of shifting perspective.

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5 spectacular train journeys across Europe

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Discover Europe by rail and zip past glacial lakes, jagged mountains and ancient cities using DK’s new ‘Unforgettable Journeys’ guide.

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