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10 mighty mountains that (almost) anyone can summit

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Here are 10 mountains that most people in reasonable shape can summit — no rock climbing harnesses or ice picks required.

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Restroom in the Mountains / Lab D+H

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China's Kunyu Mountain National Park is promoting a series of facility upgrades within its 50 km2 national natural preserve, and the management committee invited to design a pilot public toilet which would serve as the new model of public facility in the KM National Park. At the very beginning, client had not decided where the toilet would be located. Therefore, instead of proposing a design, we put forward a modular system which can be adapted based on different topographic conditions. This site-specific strategy was greatly appreciated by the client and together, we chose a site: a terrace within the current alpine botanical garden at the edge of the forest.

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B Garden / 3andwich Design / He Wei Studio

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Project Background: Dilapidated Dwellings in the Hinterland of the Dabie Mountains
Located in Xin County, Henan Province, this project is an crucial part of the Dabie Mountains Outdoor Campground Park, which has been regarded as an important gateway to the Dabie Mountains National Hiking Trails.

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13 holiday hikers rescued from snowy Tokyo mountain

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They spent the night on one of the mountains in the Okutama region.


Chasing away the dark days of winter

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March 22, 2018 5:00 AM
Iraqi Kurdish people carrying torches up a mountain in the Iraqi town of Akra on Tuesday, in celebration of Newroz Day. 


Genomes of five late Neandertals provide insights into Neandertal population history

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Researchers have sequenced the genomes of five Neandertals that lived between 39,000 and 47,000 years ago. These late Neandertals are all more closely related to the Neandertals that contributed DNA to modern human ancestors than an older Neandertal from the Altai Mountains that was previously sequenced. Their genomes also provide evidence for a turnover in the Neandertal population towards the end of Neandertal history.

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Mountain House Adventure Meal Pouch $0 after rebate

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Mountain House offers any Mountain House Individual Adventure Meal Pouch in a variety of flavors for $0 via this mail-in rebate. (The rebate has a maximum value of $11.) Some exclusions apply, including kits, buckets, and #10 cans. Purchase must be made by October 31; the rebate expires November 14.

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Music Rings Out Deep Underground

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Music fans are going underground to watch bands perform deep inside a cave in the mountains of Tennessee. The Volcano Room at Cumberland Caverns can hold about 700 people, and another cave is being developed as a concert venue. (March 21)


A mountain range on Saturn’s moon Iapetus may be a former ring

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Falling space debris should make craters on rocky surfaces. But on Saturn’s moon Iapetus, it might have created a belt of mountains around the equator

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