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Army mini-explosive drones kill enemy drones

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They can form swarms of hundreds of mini, precision-guided explosives, overwhelm radar or simply blanket an area with targeting sensors. They can paint or light up air, ground or sea targets for enemy fighters, missiles or armored vehicles, massively increasing warzone vulnerability. The can instantly emerge from behind mountains to fire missiles at Army convoys, infantry on the move or even mechanized armored columns.

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Lebanese government under fire over uncontrollable forest blaze

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Lebanon has called for international help as it struggles to contain forest fires that have spread across the country since Monday. The death of a volunteer who was assisting firefighters has raised questions about the state’s lack of preparedness despite annual fires at this time of year. High winds and a spike in temperatures have exacerbated forest fires that were particularly devastating in the Chouf region, a mountains area south-east of Beirut famous for its cedars and forest reserves. Dramatic videos shared on Tuesday on social media under the hashtag #Lebanonisburning in Arabic showed high flames threatening villages under an orange sky and the charred remains of pine forests....

Lebanon calls for help as forest fires spread

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The worst fires in decades started in the western mountains and have spread into Syria.

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Ancient jungle capital of the Khmer Empire mapped for the first time

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The ancient city of Mahendraparvata has been hidden in the mountain forests of Cambodia for centuries, but thanks to airborne lasers we now have a detailed map of it

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Star Camp Service Center / Art + Zen Architects/ SEU-ARCH

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Star Camp service center is located at Zhang Jia Jie National Forest Park. The terrain is tortuous, covered with sweeps of lawn, surrounded by thick forest and steep mountains. As the unique landscape is the core of the site, the essential factor of the design is the relationship between the building and landscape.

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Opeongo Park Service Center Pavilion / Anne Carrier architecture

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A contemporary look for a long-established forest park. The name, Opeongo, derives from the Anishnaabe word opeauwingauk (sandy narrows); it refers to Canada’s Indigenous people and their deep love for nature. The Opeongo Pavilion is located in Parc du Mont-Orford, a true gem amid lakes, mountains, and forest, an hour drive from Montréal. The park is run by the SÉPAQ (Société des établissements de plein air du Québec), which is responsible for Québec’s extensive park network.


School in Cuges-les-Pins / Antoine Beau Architecture + Kaboom Architecture

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The site for the expansion and the renovation of the Molina school is on a privileged area. Due South, it overlooks the plains of , the biggest Polje in France. On this exceptional geographical site, up against the Sainte Baume on its south side, the future school offers very wide and open views on the fertile lands, dear to the town, on which a typical agriculture is encouraged, as well as on the forest mountains next to them. At the junction of two paths, the structure highlights the limits of urbanization.


Iran’s secret weapons bases hidden in underground ‘Missile Cities’ revealed

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IRAN has a vast arsenal of cruise missiles hidden away in a secret network of mountain bunkers and underground bases, it has emerged.


The Modern Transportation Engineering Center / TJAD

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The Modern Transportation Engineering Center is located in the north longitudinal section of Songjiang Campus of University of Engineering and Technology, which is adjacent to Sheshan Mountain.


Permanent Camping / Casey Brown Architecture

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Located on a remote pristine mountain on a sheep station in central western NSW, this structure was the realisation of a dream for the client. Sited at the edge of a ridge surrounded by large granite boulders and ancient dead trees, the tower has panoramic views for hundreds of miles to the horizon.


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