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Unique protein is a vulnerability in the malaria parasite

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The malaria parasite is highly dependent on a unique protein for infecting new mosquitoes. This protein could be a target for the development of new drugs.


Malaria: Mosquitoes reveal fatal attraction

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Malaria causes the bodies of its human hosts to emit specific odors from the skin that make the hosts even more attractive to mosquitoes, which invites further bites and risks infection of more mosquitoes and wider transmission of the disease. It's a vicious circle but one that has enabled researchers to identify the odors as organic hydrocarbons whose discovery could bring relief to a disease that claimed nearly half a million lives in 2016.

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Catching malaria makes you smell more attractive to mosquitoes

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Mosquitoes are particularly attracted to the sweat of people who have malaria, suggesting the parasite that causes it may change a person’s body odour

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Rats, cats, and people trade-off as main course for mosquitoes in Baltimore, Md.

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Understanding how neighborhood dynamics regulate mosquito bites is key to managing diseases like West Nile virus and Zika virus. Today in Parasites & Vectors, researchers report that in Baltimore, Md., socioeconomic differences between neighborhoods influence bite risk, with rats being a primary blood meal source in lower income neighborhoods.

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Passenger kicked off plane in India after complaining about mosquitoes on board

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A passenger was kicked off a flight in India after complaining about mosquitoes inside the cabin.

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