Thursday, 30 March 2017
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Scientists devise novel way to predict efficacy of malaria vaccines

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Researchers have identified gene expression signatures in the blood of RTS,S-vaccinated volunteers, which predict the likelihood of infection after exposure to parasite-carrying mosquitoes.

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Florida officials: Aggressive efforts to stop Zika continue

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MIAMI (AP) - Florida officials say they're continuing aggressive efforts to stop the spread of the Zika virus.
Gov. Rick Scott met Monday with Miami-Dade County officials to discuss Zika preparedness ahead of Florida's rainy season, when mosquitoes are most prevalent.
Officials said fewer travel-related cases are being reported in ...


Warmer weather could bring fresh Zika misery

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Zika may have gone quiet during the winter, but as mosquito season approaches it looks like it could spread further and have longer term health effects than we thought

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Amazingly fast, cheap genome sequencing: Zika virus mosquito genome assembled from scratch

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A team of scientists has developed a new way to sequence genomes, which can assemble the genome of an organism, entirely from scratch, dramatically cheaper and faster.

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New Technology Makes Gene Mapping Cheaper, Faster: Study

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Researchers decoded DNA of mosquito that carries Zika to prove the point


Delaware officials begin spraying ahead of mosquito season

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DOVER, Del. (AP) - Officials in Delaware are beginning an annual effort to spray insecticide to combat mosquitoes.
The Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control said in a statement that weather-permitting, the spraying will begin Thursday downstate and possibly Friday upstate. Officials said in most years about 10,000 ...


Yellow fever killing thousands of monkeys in Brazil

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In a vulnerable forest in southeastern Brazil, where the air was once thick with the guttural chatter of brown howler monkeys, there now exists silence. Yellow fever, a virus carried by mosquitoes and endemic to Africa and South America, has robbed the private, federally-protected reserve of its brown howlers in an unprecedented wave of death that has swept through the region since late 2016, killing thousands of monkeys.

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