Wednesday, 22 November 2017
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Mosquitoes: Staring into the heat death of the universe

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Stuffed with ideas about the cosmos, particle physics, truth, families – even horoscopes - a new London play doesn’t deal in easy answers or cosy compromises

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Zika monkey study suggests worse fetal effects for vaginal versus mosquito transmission

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Rhesus macaques that were vaginally infected with Zika virus showed higher prevalence of Zika in the reproductive tract than previously seen in macaques that received skin injections of the virus. The findings suggest that vaginal transmission may increase the risk or severity of fetal Zika disease compared to mosquito transmission.

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Scientists create yellow, three-eyed, wingless mosquitoes by using gene editing tool

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Researchers have developed transgenic mosquitoes that stably express the Cas9 enzyme in their germline. The addition of Cas9 will enable the use of the CRISPR gene editing tool to make efficient, targeted changes to the mosquitoes' DNA. As proof of concept, the researchers used the system to disrupt cuticle, wing, and eye development, producing completely yellow, three-eyed and wingless mosquitoes. Their long-term goal is to develop new pest control strategies.

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Mosquito-spreading drone to fight diseases

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The drones can release thousands of sterile male mosquitoes to reduce the insect population.


Synthetic DNA-based Zika vaccine protects against damage to testes in preclinical models

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While the Zika virus is primarily transmitted by mosquitoes, research has shown that the disease can affect semen and sperm and can therefore be spread through sexual intercourse.

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Malaria parasite makes mosquitoes more likely to suck your blood

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The malaria parasite appears to alter mosquitoes’ feeding behaviour to steer the vector towards a human host

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