Tuesday, 21 November 2017
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To Switch or Not to Switch, That is the Question

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Jett: So as a gamer and one who already owns multiple consoles, I wonder if Im ready to make the Switch and if it is truly worth it. Yes it has Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Mario Odyssey but there are already a lot of games in the PS4 that are keeping me occupied and my personal backlog is already enough for a pool to be filled with just the CDs alone. I even have the PSVita and even 2 PSPs to sate my mobile gaming needs especially if Im at the office, so adding a Switch to the mix would just make me want to waste even more of my time with more video games (lol). So lets take a look at what the Switch has going for it so far and some issues it has or could have in the future so we can decide if getting one for the holidays is feasible.

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Social mobile gaming boosts rehabilitation for physically impaired patients

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Researchers have designed a video game called Balloon Buddies, which is a tool that enables those recovering from conditions such as a stroke to engage and play together with healthy volunteers such as therapists and family members as a form of rehabilitation. Balloon Buddies is designed to level the playing field by allowing healthy participants to support the less abled player.

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Animal Crossing Pocket Camp mobile game arrives this week – and it's free

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The much-anticipated Nintendo game has a confirmed release date

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Lineage 2: Revolution Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

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Lineage 2: Revolution is the direct sequel to the 2003 MMORPG Lineage 2, and despite being a mobile game, this is a massive and beautiful entry into the franchise. Your goal is to complete quests, battle against computer-controlled enemies, and engage in raid battles, boss battles, and all of the other assorted MMO fun.

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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Battle royale title wins big at annual Korea Game Awards

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In an era where mobile games run rampant, one PC game stood out like a sore thumb in a good way.

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Review: League of War: VR Arena - PS4/PSVR | Pure PlayStation

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Pure PlayStation: If you like RTS games or tabletop war simulators, you'll probably find something to like in League of War: VR Arena. It's a cool use of the VR tech and fans of the League of War mobile games will love it. However, the never expanding gameplay and the lack of online multiplayer will undoubtedly leave casual fans, or those looking for an in-depth strategy game, wanting more.

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What Will Gaming be Like in 2022?

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Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "Since the beginning of this gaming generation in 2011, playing video games has changed and evolved in ways that no one could have predicted. From the advent of virtual reality to the mobile gaming explosion to the more piecemeal way we are asked to experience our favorite games, the way we, as consumers interact with and enjoy video games has changed dramatically in a very short amount of time. And its this rapid shifting on what were once solid gaming conventions that got us thinking, what would gaming be like next-generation? What kinds of games will we be playing? And more important how will we play them?"

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