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Small birds fly at high altitudes towards Africa

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A new study shows that small birds migrating from Scandinavia to Africa in the autumn occasionally fly as high as 4,000 meters above sea level -- probably adjusting their flight to take advantage of favorable winds and different wind layers.

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Caffeine offers clues to ultra-transient positive charges' migration

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Caffeine keeps physicists up at night. Particularly those concerned with the capacity of electrons to absorb energy. In a new study physicists have used the caffeine molecule as a playground to test the effect of ionizing radiation on its electrons as they approach excited states.

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Stormy Daniels' lawyer appears in Houston immigration court

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The attorney taking on President Donald Trump over his alleged affair with an adult film actress has appeared in Houston immigration court to try to secure the release of a 9-year-old boy from Guatemala.

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ACLU: Federal agencies setting 'trap' to deport immigrants

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A civil rights group says federal immigration officials are violating the rights of immigrants seeking legal status by setting a deportation "trap" at their required interviews.

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Millennial women talk Trump, immigration and gun reform

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We're teaming up with digital media company Refinery29 this week for a series called "M(Y) Vote" which explores the impact of millennial women on the upcoming midterm elections. Alex Wagner speaks with a group of Republican and Democratic women voters from Pennsylvania. Their conversation touches on the social repercussions of supporting President Trump, immigration and gun reform.

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Anti-immigrant forces won a victory at the E.U. This is how immigrants will response.

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Expect a negative feedback loop that will make the migration crisis worse -- in three ways.

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Virgin Atlantic hands out free drink and snacks at London Heathrow amid two-hour immigration queues

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Virgin Atlantic has been offering welcome carts filled with food and drink for travellers experiencing long delays at Heathrow.

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Indians among over 100 people apprehended in US for illegal immigration

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Individuals arrested during this operation included nationals from Honduras, El Salvador, Mexico, Guatemala, Argentina, Cuba, Nigeria, India, Chile and Turkey, ICE said in a statement.

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'Grannies' on a mission to the US-Mexico border

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The group travelled to the US-Mexico border to show their outrage against Trump immigration policies.

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Sweden election polls: When is the Swedish election? When are results out?

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THE COUNTDOWN to Sweden's election is well underway as recent support for the Swedish democrats show an anti-immigration bias in the Swedish political spectrum. When is the Swedish election and when are results released?

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