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Our Take on Xbox Scarlett, PlayStation 5 and HoloLens V3 Rumors

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Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "You would think that in the middle of E3 there wouldnt be that many rumors left floating around as they should be either confirmed or debunked during the show itself. Well fear not because the video game industry will never (ever) run out of rumors and to keep our imaginations going strong. This week each and every one of the rumors we will dive into have to do with upcoming hardware from Microsoft and Sony. So put the games aside for a little bit this weeks all about the plastic."

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Top 10 Most Talked About Games Of E3 2018

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IndianNoob writes: If you remember, last year during E3 2017 week, Brandwatch a social media monitoring company published a data analysis report of social media, where Assassins Creed Origins emerged as the most discussed game over the social networks. On the other hand, Microsofts E3 briefing was the most mentioned conference. Well, this year the company did their analysis again. So let's find out which ones are at the top.

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Top 5 Nicest Surprises at Microsoft's 2018 E3 Conference

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For as much as Microsoft showed at their conference, some announcements were bigger than others. Let's break down five of their biggest moments.

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E3 2018: Microsoft finally comes out of its "self-imposed damage control position"

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GamesIndustry: "As the curtain falls on another E3, the consensus appears to be that Xbox had a much stronger year than PlayStation. According to industry analysts, though, Sony essentially ceded the floor to Microsoft, not so much 'losing' E3 as electing not to directly compete with its great rival."

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After so many delays, have gamers lost all their hype for the latest in the Crackdown series?

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MediaStinger: "Originally announced at E3 2014, Microsofts Crackdown 3 has been delayed more times than we can count. And with so many delays, gamers have started to lose interest in the upcoming Xbox-exclusive action-adventure game as other similar games keep beating it to launch."

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Turns out Sea of Thieves actually sold a lot better than Microsoft had forecast

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Microsoft poster boy Phil Spencer has revealed that Sea of Thieves and State of Decay 2 sold far greater than what the format holder had initially forecast.

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Microsoft all but ignored its biggest advantages against Sony at E3

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Ben Kuchera of Kotaku writes, "Microsoft did a pretty good job talking about why the Xbox platform was going to be better in the future, but why wasnt the fact that at least visually the Xbox One X is the best right now? Its true that raw power wont win a console generation, and it may not even tip the scales. But the difference in power between a PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X isnt just an issue of numbers on the spreadsheet; players who are picky about performance and resolution are going to want to buy their multi-platform releases on Xbox One X."

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Our Favourite Games from E3 2018

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E3 2018 had a lot to offer. Ubisofts conference was packed with its usual roster of Tom Clancy games, a new Assassins Creed, and a bunch of other smaller franchises, along with a cinematic trailer for Beyond Good and Evil 2. Apart from the Anthem demo, EAs event was an absolute bore. Microsoft managed to beat Sony this time around with a slew of game reveals at its E3 showcase. Square Enix had a predictable lineup, and the PC Gaming show was more of the same.

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Microsofts purchase shows its finally listening to criticism

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The announced purchase of four studios by Microsoft shows that it is addressing the criticism of not having enough first-party development at long last.

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Xbox sci-fi series Gears gets a female lead

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Microsoft reveals several big-name sequels and hires new talent to make more exclusives of its own.

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