Thursday, 30 March 2017
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What Food Startups Need To Succeed In The Foodie Mecca Of Brooklyn

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Seek Chocolate Chili More than thirty years ago, when a few friends and I decided to create a mobile concession stand that served a limited barbeque menu, we had no idea where this journey would take us. All we had was a 55-gallon drum cut in half which we used to cook. [...]

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8 hikers rescued from Southern California's Mecca Hills

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THERMAL, Calif. (AP) - Southern California authorities rescued eight hikers who became lost during the weekend in the Mecca Hills Wilderness southeast of Coachella Valley.
The Riverside County Sheriff's Department says two hikers from Fontana called 911 around 5 p.m. Sunday.
Deputies from the Thermal sheriff's station and a California ...


The Adorable Tachikoma From 'Stand Alone Complex' Is Getting An Impressive New Toy This Summer

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The artificially intelligent Tachikoma mecha from the ‘Ghost in the Shell’ anime series ‘Stand Alone Complex’ is getting a very advanced toy courtesy of Cerevo this summer.

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| Epicentre of learning: the dairy farm teaching scientists how earthquakes form

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A farm in New Zealand with an active fault line running through it has become a mecca for geologists seeking to unlock secrets deep underground
When dairy farmers Gray and Vicki Eatwell purchased a block of farming land just outside the tiny west coast village of Whataroa in New Zealand, the real-estate agent gestured vaguely at a cliff of striking, green-tinged rock on the border of their property at Gaunt Creek.
“She said: ‘That’s the alpine fault, the meeting of the Australian and Pacific plates’,” says Gray Eatwell. “But we thought no more of it, locals were blasé about it. I had no idea my whole life would become about that rock.”

5 U.S. Cities Poised To Become Tomorrow's Tech Meccas

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Instead of holding tight to top talent, Silicon Valley is spreading its seeds. Those floating away are planting themselves firmly in other metropolises.


Proper movements in Muslim prayer ritual can reduce lower back pain

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Five times a day, roughly 1.6 billion Muslims worldwide, bow, kneel, and place their foreheads to the ground in the direction of the holy city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia, as part of the Islamic prayer ritual, the Salat. According to research, the complex physical movements of the ritual can reduce lower back pain if performed regularly and properly.

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Charged Up - Electric Cars Are Morphing Into Many Species

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Vancouver-based Electra Meccanica Vehicles Corporation has developed an all-electric, single passenger vehicle - the SOLO. Released in late 2016, the SOLO may revolutionize how people commute in the urban world since it gets the equivalent of about 150 miles per gallon and doesn’t cost very much.

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