Sunday, 17 February 2019
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Cyclone tracker MAPPED: Shock chart shows FOUR storms BARRELLING across globe

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MAURITIUS is reeling from Tropical Cyclone Gelena as it moves away from the island chain and into the ocean. But a look at this map shows there are more disturbances.

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What Urbanism Needs to Learn from Dubai

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In the past three decades, has grown from a dusty desert town to a strategic hub for international business and tourism. As a result, several cities in the developing world have been competing to outdo one another in the race to replicate this development model—an urbanism largely built around the automobile, luxury villas, gleaming skyscrapers, massive shopping malls, and ambitious “smart” cities, designed and built from scratch. Across Africa, these new developments go by different names: Eko Atlantic City Nigeria, Vision City in Rwanda, Ebene Cyber City in Mauritius; Konza Technology City in Kenya; Safari City in Tanzania; Le Cite du Fleuve in DR Congo, and several others. All are mimicries of Dubai.


Mauritius cyclone tracker: SHOCK map shows EYE of charging vortex as it WREAKS destruction

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CYCLONE Gelena has been barrelling over Mauritius and its neighbouring islands since February 8 and has just passed off the coast of Rodrigues. New pictures show the foreboding eye of the storm over the east African coast.


Mauritius cyclone path and tracker: Where is Cyclone Gelena NOW after hitting Rodrigues?

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CYCLONE GELENA slammed into Rodrigues island in Mauritius on Saturday with the strength of a Category-2 hurricane. So where is the storm now?

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Mauritius cyclone spaghetti models: SHOCK chart shows Cyclone Gelena track - 109mph winds

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CYCLONE Gelena smashed into the island of Rodrigues, part of Mauritius, this weekend - bringing a dangerous storm surge and damaging winds. Shock charts show the impact of the Mauritius cyclone.


Mauritius cyclone satellite tracker: Rodrigues SMASHED by Cyclone Gelena - SHOCK charts

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INTENSE tropical cyclone Gelena ploughed into Mauritius’ Rodrigues island, bringing heavy rain, winds and dangerous storm surge. Here are the latest weather charts and maps.


Mauritius cyclone WARNING: MONSTER eye of storm revealed - dangerous SEA SURGE alert

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MAURITIUS and the island of Rodrigues are under alert as category three Cyclone Gelena makes its closest approach to the Indian Ocean island nation.



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