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Macron’s 100 days: Coming down to earth with a bump

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French president made early international impact but quickly lost popularity at home.


Matterfall Review  Short, Sweet and Unique, but Lacks Replayability | GameCloud

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Harry Kalogirou at GameCloud writes: "Its hard to say whether or not Matterfall is another definitive win for Housemarque. Its a concept thats executed so well, and it perfectly encapsulates what makes this cathartic arcade genre so fun. At the same time, however, it fails to live up to titles like Resogun and Nex Machina that came before it due to a lack of additional game modes and addictive score attacking. Its platforming is well-designed, for the most part, boss fights are innovative, and, most importantly, its just damn fun to play casually. Its a beautifully vibrant and colourful side-scroller with a killer soundtrack that has a truly delightful first playthrough as you explore its varied environments. However, if you play Housemarque titles for their longevity, I cant fully recommend Matterfall unless youre willing to stick with its sometimes arduous nature and lack of content."

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Trump and Charlottesville: 'Amoral' president stuns world

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Former US defence secretary William Cohen and presidential adviser Ron Christie condemned Mr Trump's reaction to a white supremacist rally.

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Elon Musk Warns Against 'Terminator 2" Style Robot Machine War

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Elon Musk delivered a serious warning to the United Nations that essentially goes like this .... BEWARE THE KILLER ROBOTS!!! The genius behind Tesla, SpaceX and don't forget PayPal signed an open letter to the U.N. Convention on Certain Conventional...

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Four Confederate Statues Removed Overnight At University of Texas

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The University of Texas removed four Confederate statues early on Monday morning in Austin after increasing pressure to remove the monuments due to violent clashes and a neo-Nazi plowing a car into a crowd of counterprotesters in Charlottesville which killed one and injured 19, according to The Washington Post. University President Gregory L. Fenves made the announcement on Sunday night that the "horrific displays of hatred" in Virginia linked with the Confederate statues were now "symbols of modern white supremacy and neo-Nazism" Fenves said that the university considered the historical and cultural significance of the statues was "severely compromised by what they symbolize," with the four...

Christopher Columbus monument in Baltimore smashed to combat 'white supremacy'

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A monument to Christopher Columbus that was over 200 years old was smashed with a sledgehammer Monday morning to combat a "culture of white supremacy."
A YouTube channel titled "Popular Resistance" posted footage of men in hoodies destroying a monument to Columbus and his famous voyage in 1492. The individuals ...


Rallies across U.S. protest white supremacists

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Tens of thousands repudiate racism and white nationalism, a week after racially-tinged bloodshed by neo-Nazis in Charlottesville, Va.


University of Texas removes four Confederate statues

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The monuments are symbols of "modern white supremacy and neo-Nazism", the school's president says.


Getting People to Enroll in Health Plans While Trump Attacks Them

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Expecting little cooperation from the administration, counselors are starting earlier than usual to encourage enrollment in Obamacare, as they face new obstacles.

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These three countries are winning the global robot race

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When it comes to making machines to perform tasks that humans have done for years, the United States, China and India are far ahead of anyone else, according to a top tech industry executive.


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