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Stoney Westmoreland Arrested for Allegedly Enticing a Minor and Fired by Disney Channel

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Stoney Westmoreland Actor Stoney Westmoreland, who played grandfather Henry "Ham" Mack on the popular Disney Channel sitcom Andi Mack, was arrested in Salt Lake City on Friday for allegedly trying to arrange...

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Senators weigh in on impact of Obamacare decision

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Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and Missouri Republican Sen. Roy Blunt joined "Meet the Press" to discuss Friday's federal court ruling.

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What is the IIFYM (if it fits your macros) diet?

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IIFYM stands for “if it fits your macros.” This flexible dieting method focuses on counting macronutrients, namely proteins, carbs, and fats, instead of calories. In this article, we describe how to follow the IIFYM diet and explore potential benefits and risks.

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Klobuchar says "absurd" court ruling would set Obamacare "on fire"

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Klobuchar also said Congress needs to get to the bottom of what happened with a 7-year-old girl who died in custody at the border

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Pete Davidson Leans on Machine Gun Kelly for Support After Posting Note Suggesting He's Suicidal

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Machine Gun Kelly, Pete Davidson, ExclusiveAfter Pete Davidson shocked fans with a seemingly suicidal Instagram message on Saturday, his friend and co-star Machine Gun Kelly hopped a plane to New York to make sure he was...

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Google Doodle honors capoeira master Mestre Bimba

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Friday's Google Doodle honors the 119th birthday of Manuel dos Reis Machado, known as Mestre Bimba -- the master credited for legitimizing the martial art form and founding the world's first school to promote the Afro-Brazilian marital arts style.

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Next US Elections: Open Source vs. Commercial Software?

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San Francisco could become the first U.S. city to adopt open source software to run its voting machines. City officials last month authorized consulting group Slalom to prepare a report on the benefits and challenges involved in using an open source voting machine platform. Officials hope a move to open source will make San Francisco's voting software more transparent and secure.


Pixelmator Pro Whirlwind Appears on the Horizon

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Pixelmator on Tuesday unveiled Pixelmator Pro 1.0 Whirlwind, a high-powered version of its popular photo editing application for macOS. Whirlwind will be available this fall. The app's interface has gotten an overhaul -- it's now in a single window with no floating toolbars -- and it boasts new nondestructive, GPU-powered image editing tools and enhanced machine-learning features.

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Almanac: The first vending machine

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On December 16, 1884, William Henry Fruen patented his "Automatic Liquid-Drawing Device," leading the way to coin-operated devices dispensing a myriad of products

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