Thursday, 25 April 2019
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New Rage 2 Trailer Answer the Most Basic Question with Gameplay and Guns Aplenty

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Today Bethesda released a brand new trailer of the upcoming open-world first-person shooter Rage 2.

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Review: Days Gones open world is more tedious than terrifying | GameCrate

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Days Gone seems like a classic case of a game that grew too big for its own good. The production values are excellent and it packs some tense gameplay and emotional stories, but the poor pacing, tedious open world, and padded length significantly drag it down overall.

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[Ticker] Farage's Brexit Party looks strong in EP polls

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The Brexit Party of British eurosceptic MEP Nigel Farage could win 27 percent of votes in the European Parliament election, according to a YouGov poll out Wednesday. The opposition Labour and ruling Conservative parties, which are internally divided on Brexit, are set for 22 percent and 15 percent, respectively. The pro-remain camp is also split into four parties: Greens (10%); the Liberal Democrats (9%); Change UK (6%) and SNP (4%).

[Ticker] MEPs water down terrorist content law

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MEPs have watered down European Commission proposals on Terrorist Content Regulation, saying online firms should have 12 hours to remove offensive material the first time regulators flagged it, instead of just one hour. MEPs also voted, by 308 to 204, to relieve firms of having to monitor their own platforms. An EU official said the diluted bill could not stop live-streaming of terrorist attacks, as recently occurred in New Zealand.

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The Messenger PS4 Review: Retro-Styled Action Refined | Exophase

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Exophase: "Theres no shortage of holy crap moments in Sabotage Studios The Messenger. The game, an homage to Ninja Gaiden and Metroid, as well as the 8-bit and 16-bit eras of gaming in general, frequently aims to surprise. Its devilish difficulty will challenge you, its charm will hypnotize you, and its gameplay will hook you. Throw in twitch-perfect controls, a lengthy adventure, and witty character dialogue, and youve got a truly winning formula for what can only be considered one of the best indies, no, one of the best action games period in recent memory."

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Days Gone Review Spiel Times

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Spiel Times: "Days Gone is a fun and inventive take on familiar open-world gameplay concepts. While its individual parts aren't groundbreaking on their own, they combine into a dynamic, exciting whole."

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Days Gone Review - IGN

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Frantic hordes of zombies can't save Days Gone from its repetitive gameplay, bland world, and meandering story.

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Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain Review (The Gamers Lounge)

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Earth Defense Force: iron Rain attempts to take the usually cartoony gameplay of the EDF series and inject a more realistic tone. Despite the slicker graphics, the game retains the feel of the series and lets you blast bugs left and right in this frantic arcade shooter.

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Tropico 6 Review | Invision Game Community

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Nathan Writes 'Tropico is by no means a new franchise on the gaming scene, but Tropico 6 feels like a decidedly fresh take on the series. The games theme and control systems will feel familiar to fans of Kalypsos popular strategy/city building titles, but it's deeper, volved gameplay features create an entirely renewed, and arguably improved, experience.'

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Hardware Review: Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro Controller - PS4 | Pure PlayStation

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Pure PlayStation: The Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro Controller is a wonderful piece of kit that you really need to hold to appreciate. Those who take their gaming seriously will be happy with the customisation options on offer. Casual players looking for something more robust and hearty than a DualShock 4 will also find a lot to like. For the first time in my life, Im happy to be handed the third-party gamepad when mates come round to kick my arse at FIFA.

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