Saturday, 24 June 2017
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16 killed as cement-laden truck overturns in Bangladesh

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At least 16 people, mostly factory workers and labourers, were killed today when a cement-laden truck they were travelling on while returning home for Eid overturned and fell into a ditch after the driver lost control near the northwestern Bangladeshi city of Rangpur.


El Shaddai Creators New Game The Lost Child for PS4 and PS Vita Gets First Look on Gameplay

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Kadokawa Games introduces the first gameplay of Takeyasu Sawaki's The Lost Child for PS4 and PS Vita.

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Hollywood Has Lost Its Mind Over Politics, Just Like Everyone Else

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We're all losing it in this political climate, some more than others. With Twitter ablaze on an hourly basis with vitriol of all stripes, some of it funny, some of it horrifying, some...


This week in games: Homeworld's lost expansion returns, 15 minutes of Beyond Good & Evil 2

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. Time to settle in for the slow summer months, crank the air conditioning, , and dream of all the games we’ll be playing in a few months. Mostly , I think.
And if you need proof the summer’s slow? Look no further than our news wrap-up this week. We've got a few additional trailers for games we saw last week (XCOM 2, Total Warhammer II, Beyond Good & Evil), plus a look at the Vive's finger-tracking controllers and—oh yeah, Homeworld: Cataclysm is finally back on-sale thanks to


The Lost Legacy content "comparable to earlier Uncharteds"

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Naughty Dog's James Cooper talks to GR about what we can expect from the standalone expansion.


Who Killed Otto Warmbier?

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Visiting North Korea can be safe. But the tour company that lost an American student made key mistakes, people on the trip say.


Uncharted The Lost Legacy Won't Feature Reused Assets From U4; Combat Received Minor Tweaks

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Uncharted The Lost Legacy co-writer Josh Scherr recently revealed that everything in the game is brand new, with no reused assets


Powerless: 15 Superheroes Who LOST Their Powers

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There are beings who went from being able to destroy all of reality to being as helpless as a baby. Here are 15 heroes who have been depowered.

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Home hijack

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A security weakness in Gary Berman's home network may have lost him a $400,000 contract.

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Trump Hatred Doesn't Deliver Democrats Any Victories

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, Weekly Standard
In April, Democrat Jon Ossoff got 48 percent of the vote in the special election to pick the new House member from Georgia's Sixth Congressional District outside Atlanta. He came in first but was forced into a runoff with Republican Karen Handel, who got 20 percent to finish second. In the runoff, Ossoff got 48 percent again and lost.How this happened is pretty simple. Ossoff needed to attract Republican voters to win. And there was a theory behind where he'd find them. Thousands of Republicans who loathe President Donald Trump would penalize their own party's candidate and defect to Ossoff....

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