Thursday, 16 August 2018
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Sega Wanted To Impress Nintendo With F-Zero GX, Despite Losing The Hardware War

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As Sega had lost the hardware war following the demise of the Dreamcast, it really wanted to impress Nintendo and show it how great the company still was by making fantastic characters and courses for F-Zero GX and creating the best graphics possible with the current technology at the time.


Any Weight Loss Can Be Healthful, but More Can Be Much Better

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Overweight people who lost 5 to 10 percent of their weight lowered their risk for metabolic syndrome by 22 percent. Those who lost 20 percent cut their risk by over 50 percent.

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They lost fingers entering Canada. Then what happened?

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These two Ghanaians are happy in new surroundings after a perilous journey two years ago nearly cost them their lives.

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Woman Finds Missing Contact Lens In Her Eye, 28 Years Later!

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A woman in the United Kingdom recently found her lost contact lens inside her eye a shocking 28 years later.
According to a report, when the woman was 14, she suffered a shot to her eye during a game of badminton. As a result of the hit, she ended up losing her contact lens, and never found it. However, a recent cyst removal from her eyelid revealed a shocking discovery - her missing contact lens.
The 42-year-old woman didn't realize the lens remained in her eye for 28 years. After dealing with a swollen and drooping eyelid for about six months, she visited a specialist to get to the root of the problem. The ophthalmologist could feel a lump under her skin and ordered an MRI of the area. The details from the testing revealed a cyst that measured 0.31 by 0.16 by 0.24 inches right over her left eye.

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Salma Hayek Loses Billionaire Hubby In Crazy Family Pap Crush

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Can you spot the $30 BILLION man in this crazy video? Salma Hayek can't -- because the paparazzi went so crazy for the actress and her daughter outside of Madeo, she lost her insanely rich fashion mogul hubby in the madness!! FYI, Salma's...


Stern of World War II US destroyer discovered off remote Alaskan island

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In the midst of World War II on August 18, 1943, the USS Abner Read struck what was presumed to be a Japanese mine in the Bering Sea. The catastrophic blast took the lives of 71 American sailors. For their families, the final resting place of loved ones lost remained unknown. Until now. On July 16, 2018, a team of researchers using robotics technology discovered the sunken stern of the World War II destroyer -- solving a 75-year-old mystery.

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How the Single Worst Tragedy in This Artist's Life Made Her Figure Out How to Heal and Get Stronger

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When her assistant lost his life in a tragic car accident, New York artist Elizabeth Sutton had no blueprint on how to move forward.

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The app hoping to revolutionize football

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Oliver Sonne had given up hope of becoming a professional footballer. The Danish teenager had lost his motivation, stopped believing and grown tired of training with his small town club.


Turkey tantrum? Investors fret over contagion from lira plunge

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The plunge in Turkey's lira to a series of record lows over the past week sent tremors through global markets. While the currency has recovered a little lost ground since Tuesday, investors are fretting about contagion via stress on foreign banks and firesales of emerging market assets.

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We Happy Few Video Review - Creepy & Interesting But Misses the Mark | COGconnected

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We Happy Few is an engrossing psychological first person survival game set in an alternate history where the people of England are forced to take a state-mandated psychedelic drug called Joy while players set out to find their lost brother.


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