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Schoolboy, 7, from Islington has illustration chosen for new J.K Rowling book The Ickabog

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A schoolboy from North London has helped illustrate the Ickabog, J.K Rowling’s first children’s book since the Harry Potter series.

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Food for London Now: Felix Project takes over south London depot of Marcus Rashford charity FareShare

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The Standard’s partner has bolstered its capacity to distribute food by an additional 100 tonnes a week.

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First rapid covid tests for London NHS staff fall short of expectations

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Ten London trusts have been placed at the front of the queue for rapid covid tests for staff – but the first deliveries fell short of expectations.

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London gym owner defies lockdown to remain open and says: ‘I would rather go to jail for a night than shut now’

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A London gym owner who is defying lockdown laws to remain open has said: "I would rather go to jail for a night than shut now.”

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The Londoner: Stanfords ‘ecstatic’ after crowdfund plea pulls in £95k

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In today’s Londoner: The truth about Monty Don’s dog Nigel / Dominic West and Catherine FitzGerald may not be over / Diane Abbott says Mary Wollstonecraft sculpture is “a lost opportunity” / Lee Cain “seemed a decent enough chicken” says Ken Clarke

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Londoners can pay tribute to the unknown warrior at Victoria Station

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Londoners can pay their own tribute to the unknown warrior at .

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Covid: Intensive care patients transferred from London to Newcastle

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Seriously ill patients are moved almost 300 miles to ease pressure in over-stretched hospitals.

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The big Friday Premier League quiz

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Liverpool will attempt to reclaim their place as Premier League title front-runners when they tackle great rivals Manchester United at Anfield on Sunday. There is no mistaking the standout fixture of the weekend's games, with the champions looking to nudge back ahead of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's team at the top of the table. A London ...]

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Magicians mark 100 years of sawing people in half

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The first illusionist said to perform the classic trick was P.T. Selbit, who put a woman in a box on a London stage and cut right through the wood.

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The Paris Orphan Discussion Questions

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  1. One of the author’s concerns when writing the book was that the extent and magnitude of the bias and discrimination shown towards female war correspondents was so great that readers might not believe it could really have happened. Were you shocked by the any of the sexist behaviour, rules or beliefs described in the incidents in the book? Which incidents surprised you the most? How do you think it might affect a woman to have to struggle against such ingrained bias in order to do her job?
    1. Had you heard of Lee Miller before you read the book? Have you been drawn to find out any more about Miller since reading it? What do you think of the author’s decision to create a character inspired by Miller rather than write a fictionalised account of Lee Miller’s life? Which approach do you think you might prefer as a reader?
      1. Victorine makes a difficult decision towards the end of the novel when she withholds information from both Jess and Dan. What did you think of her decision? What might you have done in her place? Is it possible to make the wrong decision for the right reasons? How important is it to consider a person’s motivations when assessing whether their decision was right or wrong?
        1. Both Jess and Dan make different decisions when it comes to Amelia’s ultimatum: Dan decides to marry Jess in spite of his battalion; Jess decides to leave Dan so that he has to marry Amelia. Who was the more heroic out of Jess and Dan over the course of the war, and in making that final decision? Which one of them made the “right” decision?
          1. For much of the novel, Jess collects information about soldiers sexually assaulting civilian women. She doesn’t report on this until after the war. Do you think it was cowardly of her to wait so long? What do you think might have happened had she tried to publish the article while the war was still continuing? Was she guilty of letting other women down, or did she have no choice?
            1. Back in London, Jess has the thought: "War makes us monsters or angels, but so too does love.” How difficult do you think it would be to fall in love during wartime, knowing that death was a very real possibility for one or both partners? Do you think this would change the kind of love a person might feel, make it tense perhaps because risk is everywhere, or less intense because the fear of death creates a fear of true intimacy? How can love make someone a monster and where does this happen in the book?
              1. The difficulties Jess and Dan and Amelia face during the war are very different to the difficulties D’Arcy and Josh have faced in their lives. Do you think people in contemporary times are guilty of creating problems where none exist? To what extent does living through a war change how a person views life? Are contemporary concerns less important than those people faced during the 1940s or are both sets of issues equally challenging and worthy of discussion?
                1. There are many women in the book who are based on real people including Martha Gellhorn, Lee Carson, Iris Carpenter, and Catherine Coyne. Had you heard of any of these women before reading the book? Which ones? Is it true that the stories of so many extraordinary women have been lost to history, and forgotten by those of us who come after? If so, why do you think that is? What other books have you read, or movies have you watched, that feature extraordinary women from history and what did you enjoy about them?


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