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Toronto charity shares unseen photo of Meghan Markle volunteering in soup kitchen

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A Toronto-based charity has shared an unseen photo of the Duchess of Sussex volunteering in their soup kitchen during her days working on Suits.

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Clearance Sale at Target - $0.00

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Target offers clearance sale, deal includes women clothes, women shoes, women accessories, furniture, kitchen and dining and more. ...

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Space-Saving Furniture Designs for Efficient Kitchens

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Over the past decade, tiny houses and micro-apartments have gained an immense amount of popularity as affordable and environmentally-friendly options for modern living. With compact architecture growing increasingly preferable or necessary for many, spatially-conscious furniture design is becoming increasingly relevant as well. One of the most critical areas for space-saving is the kitchen, where the multitude of functions and necessity of storage can make it difficult at times to make use of space. Below, we outline several examples of space-saving furniture designs to make the best use of a small kitchen.

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50 super-cool kitchen gadgets you can get for less than $50

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Upgrade your kitchen, no matter your budget.

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Jon Bon Jovi on feeding the community: "The way to feel good is to do good"

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Preview: The rocker is helping feed the homeless and needy through his JBJ Soul Kitchen restaurants

From: From disbelief to dread: the dismal new routine of life in Sydney's smoke haze | Charlotte Wood

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There’s nothing like going to sleep with the taste of ash in your throat to give you an actual, physiological understanding of real fear
Here’s the dismal new routine of life in inner-city Sydney. I get up around 7am, sniffing the air. Sometimes even through closed windows you can smell how bad it is, but today it’s hard to tell. I pad through the quiet house to peer out of the glass kitchen door at the sky: it’s cloudless, a fine pale yellow. Some days the light is deep orange, a colour so striking that only a few weeks ago I’d be compelled to snap a photo – but now it’s horribly familiar. When it’s that colour, you don’t open the door. And you double back through the house to make sure every window is tightly sealed.
Today though, I step outside and take a (shallow) breath. Not too bad. In our tiny courtyard the smoke is not actually visible right now, but it still takes a few little forays, stepping back indoors and out again, to determine whether the smell is worse inside the house or out. This morning, outside seems marginally better, so it’s time to move through the house, opening all the windows and doors, turning the ceiling fans up high. With luck we’ll get a bit of “fresh” air throughout in the next hour or so, before the smoke returns.

We’re used to turning our attention briefly to 'those poor people' affected by climate change, then returning to normal life. Now those poor people include us

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Lenox Butterfly Meadow Kitchen 3 Piece Canister Set - $69.99

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This Lenox Butterfly Meadow Kitchen 3 Piece Canister Set has porcelain finish. ...

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Eucaliptus House/ nexe arquitectura

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The plasticity of concrete allows us to create a house that meets functional needs while also adapting to its settings and to its owners’ expectations. A discreet, south-facing rectangular lot within a landscaped residential suburb with one short side fronting on the street and a notable incline has views that stretch beyond the immediate urban setting. This house is organized into three levels. The lower level is used for access and includes a garage, a stairway and several semibasement rooms. The first floor is global; it stretches from the back yard in through the house, making up its principal spaces. It then extends out the back of the house, becoming a terrace that overlooks the street and projects even further, towards the silhouetted landscape beyond. This floor contains bedrooms, an entry patio, a central kitchen and living space, a porch, terrace and a swimming pool. The second floor holds the rest of the bedrooms, and is situated at the back of the house.

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Friends bake nearly 4,000 cookies for troops overseas in their late friend's honor

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A New Jersey mom used to gather her friends every holiday season to bake thousands of cookies for troops like her son, serving overseas. This year, she lost her battle with breast cancer – but the kitchen was not empty. Her friends still got together to bake in her honor, making 3,694 cookie for the troops.


Mince pie recipe: how to make the Christmas pastry favourite

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Tom Aiken, of Tom's Kitchen, reveals the secret recipe behind his delicious mince pies

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