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Sidelined health official says EPA inaction means "kids are disposable"

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Dr. Ruth Etzel, the agency's top pediatric expert who was placed on administrative leave, says the administration has no intention of taking action against lead in children's environments

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Kids' sleep may suffer from moms' tight work schedules

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After studying the sleep habits of children from ages five to nine, researchers found that when mothers reported less flexibility in their work schedules, their children got less sleep. When they gained flexibility in their work schedules, their children slept more.

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Baby Won't Be a Prince or Princess

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Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, Royal Wedding, ReceptionPrince Harry has long wanted to be a father. "Of course, I would love to have kids right now, but there is a process that one has to go through," the Duke of Sussex, then 30, told...

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Males have greater reproductive success if they spend more time taking care of kids

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Males have greater reproductive success if they spend more time taking care of kids -- and not necessarily only their own, according to new research.

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Sakho: From humble beginnings to 'giving back'

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His is a life that young, football mad kids dream of. A Premier League footballer, who also plays for his country, living in a beautiful house in one of London's most desirable suburbs.

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The Walking Dead Recap: A Farewell to Arms

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Early on in tonight’s episode, Zeke tells Henry to be proud of the work he’s done — that some day, the boy will regale his grandchildren with the tale of this infrastructure project. Henry is skeptical: “I’m not going to bore my grandkids telling them a story about a bridge.” ...

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Martin Freeman Helps You Grapple With Your Decision to Procreate With New FX Show Breeders

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If you’re thinking about having kids, Martin Freeman has got the perfect show to distract you while you wait for the pregnancy test to give you a result, your surrogate to call and/or the adoption agency to give you the good news. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Sherlock actor ...

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6-foot bull shark leaps into family fishing boat, ‘petrifies’ kids

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A family on a fishing trip in Australia got a bit closer to the wildlife than they had planned.

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Parents Outraged After School Gives Fifth Graders Survey About Sexual History, Preference, And Gender Identity

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Officials at an elementary school in Vermont have come under fire for administering a survey about gender identity, preference, and sexual history to fifth graders.
In an interview with parent Vanessa Beach said that her daughter Zoe brought the survey home and showed it to her. Beach said that her child was told not to show it to a parent but did so anyway.
Beach went on to read the questions on the document that her daughter brought home.
"Have you been in a romantic relationship? " she read. "By romantic relationship we mean more than friends, like having a partner for planned events like a school dance, going to the movies or having a sexual partner?"
She added that other questions asked about gender identity and sexual preference.
According to NBC 5, Beach insisted that she had no concern about these issues being discussed with her child, but maintained that the wording of the questions was not suitable for kids in fifth grade.

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