Friday, 18 September 2020
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[Ticker] US: Lebanese group hoarding explosives in EU states

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Lebanese militant group Hezbollah has stored caches of ammonium nitrate, the chemical in the recent Beirut blast, in Europe with a view to future attacks ordered out of Iran, US counterterrorism coordinator Nathan Sales said Thursday, The Guardian reports. "I can reveal that such [Hezbollah] caches have been moved through Belgium to France, Greece, Italy, Spain, and Switzerland," he said. "This activity is still under way," he added.

Iran Trump plans MORE trading sanctions for Iran as Middle East tensions EXPLODE

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DONALD TRUMP is planning to impose fresh sanctions on companies that trade with Iran.


Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard: 'Strike teams' sent to patrol oil-rich province

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Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps has reportedly formed “strike teams” in the country’s capital and plans to patrol the southern oil-rich province of Khuzestan following reports of “theft and insecurity.”

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13 Quotes From Rumi That Can Transform Your Life

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The wisdom of Rumi encourages taking a different path and freeing the mind from stress, limits, and boundaries. Rumi was a wise scholar from Persia (Iran). His wisdom survived throughout many centuries and today it helps us understand life better. In the 13th century, the world got to know about the Islamic scholar and Sufi ...]

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Trump Scores Diplomatic Win With Eye on November

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Iran deal coming after elections, Trump says; Qatar says normalization not the answer; Netanyahu returns home to COVID-19, political crises.

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Herschel Measures Thermal Properties of Uranian Moons

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Using data from the PACS photometer onboard ESA’s Herschel Space Observatory, astronomers have found that thermal properties of the five major moons of Uranus - Titania, Oberon, Umbriel, Ariel and Miranda - resemble those of dwarf planets Pluto and Haumea more than those of smaller trans-Neptunian objects and Centaur asteroids. “Actually, we carried out the [...]


US to declare UN sanctions reimposed on Iran despite disagreement from allies

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The Trump administration intends to declare U.N. sanctions reimposed on Iran.

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Iran and the Palestinians Lose Out in Abraham Accords

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From authoritarian leaders to White House aides to the Palestinians, tallying the winners and losers

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Miranda Lambert credits music for bringing her ‘joy and comfort’

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The country star took home the musical event of the year award for "Fooled Around And Fell In Love."

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US officials plan to move forward with enforcing UN sanctions on Iran

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State Department officials said Wednesday that it will push forward with U.S. sanctions against Iran, and will impose sanctions on anyone who violates the United Nations arms embargo, despite its expiration next month under the 2015 nuclear deal.

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