Wednesday, 17 October 2018
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Phys Ed: A Device That Makes Running Faster and Easier

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Men reduced the energy cost of their running by about 8 percent when they wore the new contraption.

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Trump administration says to open trade talks with EU, UK, Japan

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The U.S. Trade Representative's office told Congress on Tuesday it intends to open trade talks with the European Union, the United Kingdom and Japan.


Former ambassador's advice to Trump on Saudi Arabia: "Use the leverage you have"

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"They need the weapons more than we need the money," said Robert Jordan


Skin is a battlefield for mutations

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Normal skin contains a patchwork of mutated cells, yet very few go on to eventually form cancer and scientists have now uncovered the reason why. Researchers genetically engineered mice to show that mutant cells in skin tissue compete with each other, with only the fittest surviving. The results suggest that normal skin in humans is more resilient to cancer than previously thought.

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US police testing AI that learns to spot crimes in CCTV footage

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Police in Orlando have been testing a system that automatically scans CCTV looking for potentially illicit activity – with some success

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Economics Nobel prize given for putting a price tag on climate change

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The 2018 Sveriges Riksbank prize in economic sciences has gone to Paul Romer and William Nordhaus for integrating climate change and technology into macroeconomics

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Device that integrates solar cell and battery could store electricity outside the grid

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Scientists have harnessed the abilities of both a solar cell and a battery in one device -- a 'solar flow battery' that soaks up sunlight and efficiently stores it as chemical energy for later on-demand use. Their research could make electricity more accessible in remote regions of the world.


A self-powered heart monitor taped to the skin

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Scientists have developed a human-friendly, ultra-flexible organic sensor powered by sunlight, which acts as a self-powered heart monitor. In this study, they directly integrated a sensory device, called an organic electrochemical transistor -- a type of electronic device that can be used to measure a variety of biological functions -- into a flexible organic solar cell. Using it, they were then able to measure the heartbeats of rats and humans under bright light conditions.


Uncover the Hidden Gems and Best-Kept Secrets at The Ritz-Carlton, Bachelor Gulch

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The Ritz-Carlton, Bachelor Gulch – one of the largest freestanding log cabins in North America and Colorado’s premier ski-in, ski-out resort – combines the unparalleled luxury and service that is world-renowned from The Ritz-Carlton brand with the warmth and allure of a secluded mountain escape.


Tokyo Olympics: Costs hit almost $25 billion _ may go higher

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Tokyo Olympics: Price tag hits almost $25 billion _ may go higher; the original estimate to host the 2020 Games was about $7 billion.


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