Tuesday, 21 February 2017
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Canadian troops in Iraq mount pressure on ISIS around Syrian border

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Canadian special forces have shifted their operations in northern Iraq to put pressure on ISIS in places outside the strategic city of Mosul - including along the border with Syria.

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Abortion care in the UK is heading towards a crisis, warns expert

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The law is now widely seen as not fit for purpose.Abortion care in the UK is "heading towards a crisis" and reform of the law is just one of the many obstacles that needs to be overcome, argues...

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Don’t Look Now, But There’s Another Greek Debt Crisis Brewing

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Talks over Athens’ debt burden threaten to spill into European election season.

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CPAC’s Identity Crisis

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Inviting Milo was a symptom of what ails conservatism. And disinviting him is no cure.

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Somalia food crisis at 'tipping point' with country heading towards famine in matter of weeks

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Intensifying emergency in the Horn of Africa has put 12 million people at risk, with 50,000 children in Somalia alone facing death

From: www.independent.co.uk

China’s move to ban fentanyl could help curb drug addiction crisis in US

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The Chinese government’s decision to ban the manufacture and sale of four types of the synthetic drug fentanyl next month comes too late for Carlos Castellanos.

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ISIS claims British suicide bomber blew himself up in Mosul attack

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ISLAMIC State have claimed a British jihadi blew himself up in a suicide bomb attack in the Iraqi city of Mosul as the death cult desperately tries to cling on to its self-proclaimed Caliphate Capital.

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Experts slash opioid use while improving pain scores, study finds

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A study of more than 100,000 surgical cases found patients’ pain scores improved even as doctors gave fewer opioids. As health officials across the U.S. look for ways to combat a opioid addiction crisis, the researchers believe their findings highlight one way to address the problem.

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Victory over Isis in Mosul could mean defeat in Syria's Deir Ezzor 250 miles west

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While US Defence Secretary James Mattis heads to Baghdad to appease Iraqis, Donald Trump merely wants his 'war news story', writes Robert Fisk

From: www.independent.co.uk

Assault continues on ISIS in Mosul as Mattis holds talks in Iraq

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US Secretary of State Jim Mattis was holding discussions with US and Iraqi officials a week before he is expected to present a new strategy to President Donald Trump for defeating ISIS.

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