Saturday, 18 August 2018
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Enhanced therapeutic vaccine platform achieves 2 proof-of-concepts in veterinary medical use

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Chronic allergic diseases of dogs and horses can now be treated with an innovative vaccine. The findings obtained in horses and dogs could lead to similar therapeutic vaccines for humans.

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Is Arizona's Horseshoe Bend too popular for its own good?

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Horseshoe Bend once was a scenic overlook known only to locals. But social media has made it a tourism star, requiring changes to keep up with crowds.


My Little Riding Champion Xbox One, PS4 and PC release window confirmed

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Neil writes: "Love horses? You're going to love My Little Riding Champion. Apparently."


Dark Horse Call of Duty: Zombies Arises

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Dark Horse has revealed their new Call of Duty Zombies issue which explores the darker side of the Call of Duty Universe.

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KnowTechie's editor made one of his writers write about the horse balls in Red Dead Redemption 2

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There are horse testicles in Red Dead Redemption 2. Noticed and reported by the r/gaming subreddit, this isnt as much a testament to the graphics capabilities of gaming hardware as it is a simple handful of details to lend accuracy to a franchise that relies on the immersion of the player into its world. Stallions have testicles. This is not news. However, for KnowTechies editor-in-chief Kevin Raposo, this is better than a splinter-free glory hole in a Dunkin bathroom.


Superspace Re-Imagines Prague’s Victory Square as a Social Center

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-based studio  has proposed a design for ’s Victory Square that transforms the dead zone in the middle of Prague into a space flourishing with nature and social activities. The simple but effective solution inverts traffic and pedestrian access to create a green urban center, where markets, art festivals and even wintertime ice-skating can take place. Tall, local evergreen trees would be planted in the horseshoe shape surrounding the inner ring, creating an iconic visual impact while shielding the community space from the noise of the busy traffic area beyond.


Public or Private, Tesla Fans Are Along for the Ride

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Plenty of Tesla’s die-hard holders will stick with Elon Musk, no matter if the car maker is a public or private company; one is “betting on the jockey, not the horse.”

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Monash scientists show that highly lethal viruses hijack cellular defences against cancer

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Henipaviruses are among the deadliest known viruses and have no effective treatments. They include Hendra, lethal to humans and horses, and the Nipah virus, a serious threat in parts of Asia. Researchers have now discovered that Henipaviruses hijack a mechanism used by cells to counter DNA damage and prevent harmful mutations (important in diseases like cancer). This finding adds insight into how viruses behave, and could lead to new targets for antivirals to treat them.


Horses get the flu, too

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Flu vaccines for horses haven't been updated in more than 25 years, but researchers have developed a new live equine influenza vaccine that's safe and more protective than existing vaccines. Proactively preventing the spread of flu in animals is important, as animals are the most likely source of future human pandemics. Animals can be infected with multiple influenza viruses and have the potential to act as 'mixing vessels,' generating new strains that could infect people.

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