Tuesday, 16 October 2018
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Dark Horse Reveals Tom Clancys The Division: Extremis Malis

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Dark Horse has revealed a new comic series which extends the universe of The Division ahead of the pending sequel.

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She came, she saw, she conquered, British woman claims conker crown

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Standing in a rain soaked English village, more than 200 competitors armed with horse chestnuts dangling from shoelaces faced off for the World Conker Championship.

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Rare Choctaw horses bred in Deep South

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A Choctaw stallion in southwest Mississippi is bringing new blood to a rare strain of horses brought to America by Spanish explorers and bred in the Deep South by Choctaw Indians. (Oct. 16)

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Sheriffs found a stray pig 'the size of a mini horse.' They lured it home with Doritos

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San Bernardino sheriffs got a call about a stray pig 'the size of a mini horse.' They used Doritos to help lure it back home.

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The quest to build the perfect horse -- for therapy

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From CNET Magazine: Horses' gaits affect rider posture, balance, coordination, flexibility and strength.

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Horses get the flu, too

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Flu vaccines for horses haven't been updated in more than 25 years, but researchers have developed a new live equine influenza vaccine that's safe and more protective than existing vaccines. Proactively preventing the spread of flu in animals is important, as animals are the most likely source of future human pandemics. Animals can be infected with multiple influenza viruses and have the potential to act as 'mixing vessels,' generating new strains that could infect people.

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Ultimate Chicken Horse | Switch Review: Chimptastic! | GameRVW

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Gamervw gives you the verdict on Ultimate Chicken Horse, the latest in the Nintendo Switch's stellar collection of indie titles.

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Harvard researcher on redefining success, happiness

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Todd Rose, co-author of "Dark Horse," is working to change how we think about success

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Horses see colours differently to humans

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Research shows horses see colours differently to humans, prompting a trial of new colours for hurdles and fences.

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1,000 wild horses to be rounded up in California, some could be sold for slaughter

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Animal rights advocates said the move to sell the horses put them at risk of being sold to "kill buyers."

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