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Hawaii volcano eruption: What is causing blue flames?

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THE Hawaii volcano eruption has caused blue flames to burst through fissure cracks in the street as Kilauea devastates the Big Island. Why are blue flames appearing?


Blue flames of methane spotted near Hawaii's Kilauea volcano

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From volcanic smog and acid rain to lava mixed with haze and now blue flames, Hawaii's Kilauea volcano is a hotbed of scientific marvels.
The blue flames were spotted this week in the Lelani Estates neighborhood of the Big Island, which has been at the epicenter of the worst destruction.

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O’Keeffe’s Paradise, Lost and Found

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Maui, Wowee: Georgia O’Keeffe’s largely unknown Hawaiian paintings and sketches surface in the Bronx, at the New York Botanical Garden.

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More lava flows reach the coast as volcano threatens Hawaii

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Lava is entering the ocean off Hawaii from a third flow, marking the third week of a volcanic eruption that has opened up nearly two dozen vents,

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Hawaii volcano eruption: SHOCKING photos show horrifying impact of lava before and after

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HAWAII has been devastated by the Kilauea volcano that continues to ravage the island, but new photos have emerged to show the horrifying impact of red hot lava across areas that have been plagued by the natural disaster.


Newest Hawaii volcanic ash plume rises to about 10,000 feet

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An eruption at Hawaii’s Kilauea summit Thursday sent a plume of ash skyward, about 10,000 feet above sea level, the U.S. Geological Survey reported.

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Hawaii volcano eruption: ’Take cover’ – warning as Kilauea throws ash 10,000ft in air

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AN ERUPTION from Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano has sent ash 10,000 feet into the air – with residents being urged to take cover.


Hawaii helicopter evacuation readied as new lava stream hits ocean

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Six huge fissures sent rivers of molten rock through a blackened, volcanic wilderness that was once jungle, farmland and rural homes.

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Lava from Hawaii volcano enters ocean from 3 flows; more evacuations possible

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Lava entered the ocean from a third flow Thursday, marking the third week of a Hawaii volcano eruption that has opened up nearly two dozen vents in rural communities, destroyed dozens of buildings and shot miles-high plumes of ash into the sky.
Low lava fountains were erupting from a nearly continuous...


Hawaii helicopter evacuation readied as new lava stream hits ocean

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A third lava flow from Hawaii's erupting Kilauea volcano streamed into the ocean on Thursday as U.S. Marines Corps helicopters stood by to evacuate a Big Island community should molten rock or huge cracks block its final escape route.


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