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Hacker Who Used Skills To Spread Gripes About Phillies Management Almost Dies In His Own Terrifying Home

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Allan Carlson, 55, was previously arrested for white supremacist vandalism in California and served prison time for an email hacking scheme targeting Philadelphia newspapers, which was driven by a relentless anger about what he saw as the mismanagement of the Philadelphia Phillies. But it was his near death from a snake bite that occurred in his own bizarre and terrifying home that brought Carlson to headlines most recently, per .
Carlson nearly died when he was bitten by his pet cobra in September. After he was driven to the hospital by his mother, who claimed the bite occurred elsewhere, an officer reported to Carlson's home to investigate. Upon searching the home, officers found dozens of containers holding bugs and snakes. As many as 30 tarantulas were there as well, plus a number of plastic containers with their lids weighed down. One door was shut tight with bricks and weights barring entry, according to reports.


The Cybersecurity 202: Cybersecurity proposal pits cyber pros against campaign finance hawks

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Ex-Clinton and Romney aides want to help campaigns combat foreign hackers

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Trump campaign won't commit to staying away from hacked material

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The campaign's refusal to rule out using hacked information is in contrast to Democratic presidential candidates who have promised not to.

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Should cyber-security be more chameleon, less rhino?

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Israeli researchers think it's time we changed our approach to securing our computers from hackers.

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Hackers hit Atlanta Hawks with malware that steals credit card information

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There's a technical foul on the Hawks' website, says a security analyst. The team says it's investigating.

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Wisconsin woman taught bomb-making online for Islamic State: prosecutors

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A Wisconsin woman used hacked Facebook accounts to provide lessons in making bombs and poison on behalf of the Islamic State militant group, prosecutors said Monday.


Hacking just 1 in 10 cars could gridlock all of the roads in Manhattan

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Internet-connected cars promise to reduce traffic incidents with sensors that can stop a car, but if they were hacked whole cities could shut down

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Hackers are trying to steal your vacation. Here's how to stop them

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Hackers are coming after your personal data, your credit card information and your loyalty points.

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Giuliani says Americans had 'right to know' about Democratic emails hacked by Russians

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“They shouldn’t have stolen it, but the American people were just given formation about how deceptive, how manipulative her campaign was,” Giuliani said.

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How hackers use tricks to make money from your clicks

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Online clicks are worth big money. Now hackers are using a cunning set of click-tricks to make money from people visiting websites without them realising

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