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House of Architectural Heritage / Noura Al Sayeh + Leopold Banchini Architects

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The house for Architectural Heritage houses the archival collection of sketches and drawings by the architect John Yarwood, as well as serving as an exhibition space for architecture exhibition. The project is conceived as a beam structure that frames the existing adjacent walls of the two neighbouring buildings, serving as a showcase for the architectural heritage of the city, the old as well as the new.

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Fyre Festival: NFL star Jason Bell threatens to sue over his appearance in doc

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The sports star appears in archive footage in the documentary and says he never signed a release form.

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UBS sets gloomy tone for Europe's banks

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UBS warned of a tough start to 2019, after reporting an outflow of funds from its flagship wealth management business at the end of last year, sending a shiver through the European banking sector.

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From the archives: this is your brain on ecstasy, 30 years ago

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In 1989, ecstasy was becoming a popular recreational drug, and New Scientist spelled out what it could do to your brain

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What types of pain can HIV cause?

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Pain is common in people living with HIV and can include headaches, joint pain, and abdominal cramping. Pain medications, alternative therapies, and home remedies can help a person manage their pain. Learn more here.

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Bees, brothels and monkey selfies: oh my; 2018 abuzz with odd U.S. stories

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A hive of honeybees in the heart of New York City, a monkey with a photographer's eye, a brothel full featuring robotic sex dolls and a political candidate who carried the day from his grave were among the characters featured in the strangest stories of 2018.


How George Lucas Created 'Star Wars'

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The archives of the original trilogy show the evolution of Darth Vader, Boba Fett and more denizens of that galaxy far, far away

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‘Jackass’ Star Steve-O Says He Once Did Cocaine Mixed With HIV-Positive Blood

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Steve-O made a startling admission during a recent interview on In Depth with Graham Bensinger. The actor/stunt performer best known for his role on Jackass revealed that he once did cocaine that was laced with HIV-positive blood, during one of the lowest points in his addiction to drugs.
The blood was his drug dealer's and he was an intravenous drug user who would inadvertently leave blood on his products. Steve-O, whose real name is Stephen Gilchrist Glover, recalls that one day he went over to his dealer's house and found him unresponsive. Steve-O decided to help himself to the cocaine he had left out in the open even though he could see that there was blood on it.

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Is there a link between garlic and HIV?

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Garlic does have antiviral properties, but can it help people with HIV? In this article, we look at the research, including whether or not it interacts with HIV medications.

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CRISPR babies: more details on the experiment that shocked the world

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He Jiankui has now revealed far more about his CRISPR project, in which he edited multiple embryos to make future children resistant to some strains of HIV

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