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Trump's sons see green in the blues as they build hotels in rural Mississippi

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Jake Brown crooned the Mississippi blues to a nearly all-black audience on the outskirts of town, his guitar filling the darkened club with pangs of heartbreak and regret.
Between numbers, the local singer paused and in a gravelly drawl, beseeched the crowd to be thankful. For God. For the Mississippi...


W.H.O. Removes Robert Mugabe as ‘Good-Will Ambassador’

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A storm of criticism had greeted the appointment of the Zimbabwe’s leader this past week.

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PUBG Creator On Xbox and The Future

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Brendan Greene answers our questions about the future of PUBG and what he thinks will happen after launch on the Xbox One.


First-place Saints sitting pretty after surviving ugly start at Green Bay

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First-place Saints sitting pretty after surviving ugly start at Green Bay


How a green tea compound could prevent Alzheimer's

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Researchers reveal how a compound in green tea called EGCG prevents the formation of toxic beta-amyloid plaques, which are a hallmark of Alzheimer's.

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Montenegro 4* all inclusive holiday 7nts from £353pp - incl. flights & hotel

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Ahoy matey! We've spotted this great holiday to the "jewel of the Adriatic" namely the small green country of Montenegro, just down the coast from Croatia. You will be staying at the 4* Iberostar Bellevue in an idyllic location overlooking the beach just a mere 3 minutes walk away, offering an inviting pool scene, and…

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£1000 for meet and greet, signed gloves and the chance to ask a question - An evening with Conor McGregor

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UFC Lightweight champion Conor McGregor will make his first public appearance since his 'Money Belt' title fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr. last month.


How Luigi's Mansion 2: Dark Moon Created a True Underdog Hero

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By the time Luigis Mansion 2: Dark Moon came out in 2013, the strangeness of focusing an entire game on Marios overlooked sibling sidekick was long forgotten. Yet back in 2001, just before the Gamecubes launch, Luigi had barely developed from his origin as a pixel-swapped Mario for a second player. Sure, you were probably familiar with his lazy, leg-flailing high jumps in Super Mario Bros 2. Maybe you had the misfortune to experience him in the question-and-answer misery of Mario Is Missing. But he hadnt even landed a cameo in Super Mario 64, and in Yoshis Island, he was just a green baby. Then came Luigis Mansion, and how fitting that it was in part a deconstruction of how his was a life lived in the shadow of his superstar brother. Thrust reluctantly into the role of hero, Luigis ghostbusting powers are entirely granted by the Poltergust 3000 strapped to his back. He cant even jump: when you press the A button, he quaveringly calls for Mario. It forges Luigi a full iden...


Lawyer charged alongside Martin Shkreli goes on trial

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Jurors were presented with a stark choice during opening statements Friday in the trial of Evan Greebel, the lawyer charged with conspiracy alongside former drug executive Martin Shkreli: was he Shkreli's "right hand man," or a victim of his deceit?

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Dispute persists on White House condolence call

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White House's Sarah Huckabee Sanders is continuing to criticize a Dem. Congresswoman who said the president made insensitive comments to the widow of a Green Beret killed in Niger. As we say in the south: All hat, no cattle, she said Friday. (Oct. 20)


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