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Lifetime Tahoma Kayak with Paddle - $180.00

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This Lifetime Tahoma Kayak comes with Paddle. It has 275 lb weight capacity and comes in lime green. ...

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An Olympic baseball diamond was home. Now it's a memory.

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Many migrants who reached Greece in the hope it would be an entry to the rest of Europe are now being forced to accept that their journey may end there.

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How greener grids can stay lit

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Without careful management, distributed energy resources have the potential to cause unreliable power delivery, or even outages, and lead utility companies to overcharge customers. A new index will help ISOs and utilities account for uncertainties introduced by both the electricity market and DERs so utility companies can balance the distribution grid and find the fairest customer rates.

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Pregnant Chloe Green Vapes as Jeremy Meeks Looks On

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Chloe Green is super pregnant, which is why this pic of her sucking on a vape pen is so interesting. Chloe and her baby daddy hot felon Jeremy Meeks were cruising on a yacht Friday in Monaco, enjoying the weather, catching a few rays and hugging...


Punching holes in graphene to boost hydrogen production

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A research team has created an electrode for hydrogen evolution. A nickel-molybdenum (NiMo) catalyst is wrapped in a 'holey' graphene layer containing nanometer-sized holes. The fringes of the holes are chemically active sites, boosting hydrolysis by accelerating charge transfer and H atom adsorption. Meanwhile, graphene protects the NiMo core from dissolving. Through efficient hydrogen generation in acid solution using non-noble metals, the system potentially allows affordable green energy storage.


Danny Green says Kawhi Leonard told him he wants to stay with San Antonio Spurs

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The mysterious story surrounding Kawhi Leonard took yet another turn on Friday.

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McDowell hopes to change 'disappointing' Wentworth form

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Graeme McDowell is feeling more confident on the Wentworth greens as he sits six shots behind leader Rory McIlroy after day two of the PGA Championship.

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God Of War Review - GamerKnights

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GamerKnights has done an in depth review of the new God Of War for PS4. Is it any good than its predecessors? More: "The God of War series holds a special place in my heart. Kratos first outing was also my first game on the Playstation 2, and one of my first forays into the hack and slash genre after the 3D boom revolutionised it. As such I went into the latest God of War, reborn on the PS4 and rebooted into the Norse mythology (Kratos kind of killed everyone worth mentioning in the Greek pantheon, after all), with a fair amount of healthy trepidation. This, I thought, is not my God of War and indeed it wasnt. This is an entirely new beast and thats not necessarily a bad thing."


Debt relief talks mars Greece's bailout exit

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While the Greek government has committed to fulfill the last creditors' requirements in the coming month, Europeans and the International Monetary Fund are still far from an agreement on measures to reduce the country's debt in the future.

[Opinion] The dangers of resurgent nationalism in Greece

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Virulent nationalism in Greece has been stirred up in the context of austerity and renewed negotiations with Macedonia. Recent attempts by the government to address the inequalities suffered by LGBT persons have also been met with a reactionary backlash.

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