Sunday, 17 February 2019
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Gravitational waves will settle cosmic conundrum

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Measurements of gravitational waves from approximately 50 binary neutron stars over the next decade will definitively resolve an intense debate about how quickly our universe is expanding, according to new findings.

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LIGO gravitational waves: Black hole detectors to get upgrade

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The UK and US governments announce a £25m project to improve the sensitivity of the LIGO facilities.

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Gravitational waves: Black hole detector to get upgrade

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The UK and US governments have announced a £25m upgrade to the machines that detected gravitational waves.

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How cosmic events give insight into fundamental properties of matter

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The option to measure the gravitational waves of two merging neutron stars has offered the chance to answer some of the fundamental questions about the structure of matter. At the extremely high temperatures and densities in the merger scientists conjecture a phase-transition where neutrons dissolve into their constituents: quarks and gluons.

LIGO found four more pairs of black holes, including the biggest yet

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In a reanalysis of all of its data, LIGO spotted gravitational waves from four new pairs of black holes colliding, bringing the total detection count up to 11

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2019 Preview: Gravitational waves will be discovered every few weeks

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The Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) and other experiments will detect dozens more ripples in space time

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LIGO to publish new paper in wake of New Scientist investigation

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Following New Scientist’s investigation into doubts around the 2015 discovery of gravitational waves, LIGO has announced it will publish a new clarifying paper

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Exclusive: Grave doubts over LIGO's discovery of gravitational waves

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The news we had finally found ripples in space-time reverberated around the world in 2015. Now it seems they might have been an illusion

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